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2 Aspects That Marketers Need To Consider While Posting Video Ads On YouTube and Facebook

Marketers Need to Consider

Making a product launch successful in not a piece of cake nowadays. There are many aspects that one needs to take care of and above all a taut promotional strategy is the basis as the target audience need to be familiar with it. They need to be taught about the various benefits and advantages of using that product. While there are many ways to market a product, video ads are an integral part of any promotional strategy nowadays.

Several high profile brands off late are not feeling that optimistic about video ads. That’s why the result was a sharp number of decrease in the numbers of ads posted on several websites including YouTube. Companies are now skeptical that there is some serious transparency issues with viewability a problem too. But restricting their ads on YouTube obviously resulted in much less traffic for those websites.

Social media marketers were of the opinion that websites like YouTube and Facebook can offer huge benefits for any company. Not taking help from seo services or any other medium would benefit, videos are here to stay. So they started to offer companies solid reasons they can’t afford to deny. The top 3 aspects in this regard are as follows:

1. A Right Approach is needed for a Successful Campaign

Every expert online marketer you will talk to will offer you the same reason that now is not the time to curtail video ads. And on social media websites like YouTube or Facebook, it’s an absolute no-no. The ecosystem of both these websites is so huge that it evolve all the time and can offer something for any company. So companies need to be patient as a positive may be due at anytime during a particular campaign.

Platforms like YouTube respond positively to a campaign that has sound basis. But advertisers need to alter their approach as what they are trying to connote through the ads. In this scenario, the marketers can assist companies perfectly.

2. A Deeper Understand about the Brand Safety

Brand safety that companies are so sensitive about is not something that can be easily described. That’s why companies take it very seriously when trying to market any of their product. For example, the context in which a candy maker can operate may not be same for a soft drink manufacturer even as the target market in case of teenagers is similar. A meaningful engagement is what every brand aspires for but how to get it is the real question.

Advertisers need to adapt a deeper evaluation of what contexts will be appropriate for a particular product in order to make the most of a campaign. The content of the video and the way it is shot can have a lot of say in making it a success or failure. Some content is universally acceptable for any product like making it acceptable in the eyes of the target market. But some of the ads that are banned by such platforms is what causes the main concern for any brand.

An ad can be banned by YouTube or Facebook for the sake of making their sites clear of racial slurs, ethnic hatred, impartiality between black/white people, etc. Hate videos slamming the people of another community or religion has been much of a debate lately. But not any company would like to ruin their reputation by promoting such videos as the groups responsible for such videos usually run them on their own.

But YouTube and Facebook still has to make sure they are keeping a tough stance for any video deemed unsuitable by their strict standards. That’s the test of a marketer to make sure that are able to churn out videos which have the potential of going viral and are also clean from any content deemed unsuitable by the management of these platforms

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