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4 Facts About Your E-commerce Website

Running an e-com website can be a tough job as Google is continuously changing its guidelines and optimisation can be challenging to stay on top of. However, there are some facts to take on board when committing to maintenance to the website, and here’s a look at 4 interesting ideas.


Optimising Your Blogs

A blog is an excellent way to offer your current users fresh content periodically, and it ticks off a few boxes in the eyes of Google. But you can start to optimise your website, so you’re attracting additional users to read the article and then have the potential to continue to browse the rest of the site further. You can do this by repeating a certain phrase like fashion blog throughout the blog and inputting the words into other areas of the page, and you will need to keep track and see if this page lands more users than usual to see if it has been successful.


Images Are important

Professional shots of your products are essential to converting a browsing user to a transaction. If a user hasn’t got enough from the image then they are much less likely to place an order, your photography needs to show multiple angles and even a lifestyle shot if applicable. Consider using various models too as this can indicate the professional level of the website.



Products need to be fully described on every page, and repetitive content is frowned upon by Google. Users with want to read about the differences between products and the benefits of ordering from your website in comparison to others. It’s the perfect place to advertise so make sure you do it.


Tracking Your Users

By using Google Analytics, a webmaster can monitor pretty much every aspect of the user’s experience and how to improve it. You will be able to see how long users are on the website, how many pages they’ve viewed and the levels of traffic and specific pages. It can help you learn about your users and what you need to change in the future. If users are landing on a designer lingerie page and immediately leaving you might need to consider changing the meta that Google is using to guide users into the website as they might be expecting to see cheaper options.

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