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5 Key Elements In User Interface

5 Key Elements In User Interface

User-Interface Design elements are crucial in an application so they’re usable for their users. They should be built in a very simple way as they play e key role in guiding the app user finding certain apps, taking action, and suggestion. The elements of user interface manage the inputs from the app users:

1. Find Fields

It should be placed at the top of page or where the users can easily input their searching and navigate. It should be findable and placed in proportion, an information or persuasive statement will make it easier to find. It can be related to the business or website niche like “what are you looking for”,”where to”, “feeling lucky?”, and so forth. This interactive approach will encourage the customers to use it and help them to find what they’re looking for right away.

2. Icon

An icon is actually a serious matter as it represents your app as a whole. In other hands, it promotes the products and brand awareness. Thus it should be clear, unique, representative, and eye-catching. If you have several apps, make a distinctive theme for each app but make sure they’re connected to the main theme. It’s also crucial to represent a different function or features of those apps.

3. Button

This is actually a traditional property that will always be used to support the easy user interface. There are various buttons can be placed based on their function including drop-down, toggle, simple, checkbox, and the most useful one is call-to-action button. The use of buttons is actually inevitable in UI designs, however, a wisdom is required about what type of buttons you should use and where you should put them.

4. Pop-up windows

Even though it’s considered to be annoying, pop-up windows provide benefits to the users as it’s managed and configured well. Pop-up windows never fail to attract attention when users are on UI. This is the best chance for the app inform any important message or offer including security issues, sale offers, performance information and so forth. The Pop-up will close only through action, it can’t be totally ignored.

5. Tooltips

Users appreciate this feature very much. They’re allowed to get further descriptions or tips as they scroll their mouse over to an item. This will be helpful for them and support the information delivery effectiveness as they don’t have to navigate in other pages or re-input keywords related separately in the search engine.

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