Why Are Rummy Players Said to Be Street Smart?

Every game teaches you something or the other. Rummy teaches you to be street smart. Basically, it teaches one not to get deceived in life and have your eyes open. The game is popular because it gives much more than it appears to give. Many people wonder whether it is just a hearsay or whether rummy really adds to one’s life. So, here are some simple things that clearly reveal that rummy teaches players to be street smart:

Because They Know When to Pass a Game

Most often in life and in a game, we tend to hold on to a situation longer than is required. This makes us end up in a mess eventually. A good player of Indian Rummy knows that he should pass if the chances of winning are few. Holding onto a wrong hand may mean losing out more points than one is required to lose. The street smartness the game teaches is to quit the game before you lose. This is one lesson that may prove extremely important in life as well.

Because They Can Always Use Their Bonuses Smartly

In life and in a rummy card game, we have certain bonuses. How we use these bonuses decides how we turn up in the end. In relationships, people give a second chance for you to improve and make it work. This is a bonus. In a game of rummy, the extra jokers pulled out of the deck allow you to complete sets or sequences. These too are bonuses. A smart player makes the best use of bonuses to win the game or atleast to reduce the points to the minimum.

Why Are Rummy Players Said to Be Street Smart

Because They Develop Intuitive Sense

A street-smart person knows when to avoid certain situations or when to alter the strategy in life. This is one thing life teaches them. A great player of classic rummy game can guess the next move or the cards in hand with the help of cards that have been disposed. This intuitive sense helps him develop the right strategies to win the game. It thus is a significant part of a rummy player’s personality.

Because They Know the Importance of Organising

Organising helps in keeping things in proper order. A well organised person is known to have a better memory too. Being organised is an asset in any industry. This quality is something that most good rummy players possess. The first thing they do when they get their cards is to arrange these cards in proper order. This way, they are able to clearly assess the probability of making a set or a sequence.

Because They Are Wise with Strategies

The beauty of rummy gameis that one cannot use the same strategies again and again. One needs to innovate or come up with new strategies each day to stay a winner. If the opponent understands your strategies, there are chances he can outwit you in the game. The street smartness of rummy players allows them to come up with new strategies each time.

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E-commerce business has joined the internet mobile for these past years. The mobile app has improved the market competition to be more tight and competitive. The billion dollar market is the open opportunity for your business growing at any time. What you should do is to establish your own mobile-optimized business websites. This step is demanded in order to engage the audiences and convert them into customers. When you’re agreeing on developing your own mobile app for your business but don’t know where to start, please recognize these following aspects:

1. Platform

Before you go on finding business mobile app developer company, you should find the best platform for your business app. You might be heard Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, or WooCommerce, which are the leading platform specifically designed for mobile e-commerce. Choose one that meets your business niche requirements. Each of those platforms has its own advantages. You can consult the platform to your future developer company, they may suggest one that suits you.

2. Admin Panel

Ensure that admin panel is simple and accessible as you can manage your data. It will include managing the product items, setting discounts or promotional offers, managing the users’ data, and maintaining the reviews and ratings. You may manage them on a regular basis, so any complicated platforms or UI shouldn’t be retained.

3. App Topology

The business mobile app requires you to determine a clear chart in which your business is run. This will require you to go in the deep in your business system and consider all details which will be accommodated and transferred into the business mobile app. They will include the subscription, easy signup, automatic verification and confirmation, and multiple payment methods including credit card, paypal, and so forth.

4. Maintenance

The business mobile app requires a continuous maintenance and developments. It’s due to the fact that there will be changes in customer behaviours, trends, regulations, and other aspects that require the app improved. in other hands, the using of centralized server may require serious maintenance. Lack of maintenance may slow down the business mobile app and even makes it inaccessible for your customers.

5. Marketing Campaign

Releasing a business mobile app isn’t an easy stuff. It’s totally vain as there is no one know your mobile app even existed. You need to promote your mobile app and attract them to do the activities in your app. This way you can engage the audiences and convert them into the customers.

A dedicated server becomes a crucial facility as you’re running a growing small business. The networking in a small business still requires a compatible yet supporting facility including file sharing and other tasks. There was time, where the dedicated servers are only purposed for large business. In fact, the dedicated server will be beneficial for small business especially when the business is going to scale up. There was a trend where you’re relying your business data on shared resources. However, it can’t give you a full control and total security, a dedicated server for your business is certainly needed. Here are the benefits:

1. Large Data Management

The growing business means the growing member or users. You’ll need a dedicated server where you can manage email in a large number of people. The small business usually relies on their business in a free cloud-based email. However, it’s best to have a dedicated server installed with the Microsoft exchange where you can manage email independently. You take the server role in your email management.

2. Multiple Data usages

Small growing business will experience large data management. The complication of works requires staffs to access the same data at the same time. The centralized data storage is demanded in this situation. You can build your own dedicated server to support the data storage and management.

3. Secure Databases

A dedicated server computer doesn’t mean complete security. However, you’re allowed to manage the authorization and security check in any access to it. With a specific policy, you can secure the data from any malware or viruses. It’s strongly suggested to leave the dedicated server free from external hard drive usage in many forms.

4. Resource Sharing

With a dedicated server, you won’t experience any delayed printings. The dedicated server can manage the file and resource sharing based on the policy previously made. The administrator function, however, need a trusted staff to handle it.

5. Faster

A dedicated server allows you to have an isolated and exclusive environment, unlike the shared resources, do. A cloud-based service allows you to share the resource with other users which decreasing the performance and increasing the data vulnerability.

6. Valuable

A dedicated server might be seen as a high-cost investment. However, it also provides far larger resources than the cloud-based server does. It will increase the productivity which is a clear path to scaling up your small business at any time soon.

Everybody can be the victims of hacking activities. Well, the great news is that most of the successful hacking caused by our clumsiness as the users. Here some steps you can do to avoid any hacking attack:

Ignore Phishing Emails

More than a hundred million phishing emails sent to million email addresses. They usually come in your inbox with attractive content, urgent suggestion, and curiously engaging. There will be a link included in the text, encourage you to click it. These emails also emulate popular domain as their email address to show up the credibility of the emails, but they’re actually not.

Ignore Smishing Text

Once you install internet protection or security, you need to activate and update it. It’s due to the fact that new viruses are developed and launched every day. Not updating your security software make your computer more vulnerable.

Avoid any suspicious sites, if you have to visit it, then you need to check the validation certificate. If it’s ok, you can certainly continue visiting the websites. Some browsers don’t have this tools, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have this tool, use one of them.

Manage Password

At this point, you’ll need to maintain your passwords well utilize the two-factor authentification. Leave your computer free from password storage. You’ll need to recreate and vary the passwords for such period of time using minimum 20 characters.

Ignore Phantom Messages

There are times when your friends respond the emails that you never sent before. The phantom messages usually contain a trapping link along with the tempting description. Be careful in reading and clicking, watch your finger, the risk of being trapped is increased as you’re in hurry or simply clumsy.

Ignore Computer Locking

The mode of this hacking is by showing you the notification about the authority find your device is attacked by a virus. The pop up will be terrifying and convincing you about the deadly virus in your computer and require to click the button to solve the problem. Once you click it, your computer will be locked by ransomware, they usually require to pay a certain amount to open the lock. But once you pay it, nothing will happen.

It can be concluded that hacking activities or viruses can be avoided instead of maintained. The best way to avoiding hacking is by taking precautions and thinking carefully before clicking any link or visual button.

Hacking activities can affect anybody including startups or small businesses through their network. This due to the fact that the hackers utilize the automated bot in scanning and attacking without filtering the size of the business. What are they looking for are slits of your network security system, where they come in. Securing the small business isn’t piece of cake. In fact, it requires serious steps:

1. Installing the Firewall

Ports which are the mechanism which allow you to connect to the internet may, are the ones targeted by hacker scanning. Once the open port scanned, the hacker will access your computer and exploit it. Installing a firewall and activate it, will lock down unnecessary ports, the firewall is actually the frontline defense of your network. The absence of firewall is the open gate of any hacking attacks. Make sure you activate the firewall all the time.

2. Enhancing the Protection with Password

Activating the Firewall will be not enough as you fail the password management. the wireless router has the default passwords, keeping it is certainly a mistake. You need to reset the passwords and usernames, periodically. You can do this work by accessing your router through your browser and configuring it.

3. Updating Firmware

The old router may possess outdated firewall firmware which may become the security issues. It makes your network-critical and vulnerable to any cyber attack. Your startup’s network requires updated security firmware from the manufacturers or official operating system protection. You’ll certainly get the notifications from the router user interface as it has an official update. Some vendors may not have an automated notification, you can simply google it to search the updated and compatible firmware.

4. Self-Scanning

The interesting way to check the vulnerability of your network is by scanning your own network using the same tools used by hackers. It allows you to see what hacker sees. The common scanning tool is Nmap which inform your network statistic through the graphic. You can find what unnecessary ports are still opening then use this information to re-configure the firewall to close them down. In addition, it’s also important to block the pings to avoid the hackers.

5. Virtual LAN

This tool plays significant role in segmenting, classifying, or authorizing the access of your startup’s network. You can apply your organizational management scheme in segmenting the access based on divisions on your startup. At this point, you can minimize the risks of unauthorized access.

User-Interface Design elements are crucial in an application so they’re usable for their users. They should be built in a very simple way as they play e key role in guiding the app user finding certain apps, taking action, and suggestion. The elements of user interface manage the inputs from the app users:

1. Find Fields

It should be placed at the top of page or where the users can easily input their searching and navigate. It should be findable and placed in proportion, an information or persuasive statement will make it easier to find. It can be related to the business or website niche like “what are you looking for”,”where to”, “feeling lucky?”, and so forth. This interactive approach will encourage the customers to use it and help them to find what they’re looking for right away.

2. Icon

An icon is actually a serious matter as it represents your app as a whole. In other hands, it promotes the products and brand awareness. Thus it should be clear, unique, representative, and eye-catching. If you have several apps, make a distinctive theme for each app but make sure they’re connected to the main theme. It’s also crucial to represent a different function or features of those apps.

3. Button

This is actually a traditional property that will always be used to support the easy user interface. There are various buttons can be placed based on their function including drop-down, toggle, simple, checkbox, and the most useful one is call-to-action button. The use of buttons is actually inevitable in UI designs, however, a wisdom is required about what type of buttons you should use and where you should put them.

4. Pop-up windows

Even though it’s considered to be annoying, pop-up windows provide benefits to the users as it’s managed and configured well. Pop-up windows never fail to attract attention when users are on UI. This is the best chance for the app inform any important message or offer including security issues, sale offers, performance information and so forth. The Pop-up will close only through action, it can’t be totally ignored.

5. Tooltips

Users appreciate this feature very much. They’re allowed to get further descriptions or tips as they scroll their mouse over to an item. This will be helpful for them and support the information delivery effectiveness as they don’t have to navigate in other pages or re-input keywords related separately in the search engine.

Web design is part of the development project and you need to ensure that you have a nice looking website that will work in many situation. It is important to avoid working with web designers who don’t have a clue about what SEO is really about. You need to ask them these questions, so you can be sure that you are working with the right individuals. First of all, you should ask what code they use. If web designers appear to be somewhat non-technical, they won’t know much about the code. It is a good thing if web designers have significant proficiency in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is also a good thing if web designers know how to work with server-side codes, although they don’t need to be as technical as the actual programmers.

Another basic question to ask is whether the web designer has good knowledge with various SEO details. As an example, they should know how to ensure that the navigation of the website will work well for bots. Without proper navigation elements, it is possible that some of the webpages will stay hidden. You should be wary of web designers who offer you to submit your website to the search engine. It is something that you can easily do on your own. The person may seek to get money from you using all different possible ways. Also, you should avoid web designers who charge you for creating XML sitemaps and robots.txt. The former can be created using a number of tools for free. As an example, WordPress allows you to create a sitemap by using a plugin. On the other hand, robots.txt is already present in our server and its default setting already works well for many situations.

You should also ask the web designer about the type of standards that they follow. If the designer is experienced and skilled, they should be able to answer this quickly and without problem. The W3C already provides us with the best practices that we can follow on the Internet. They provide is with various recommendations and standards that we can follow, such as how HTML and CSS codes should be formatted. Without standards, designers will create a jumble of code that can end up slowing and confusing search engine bots. By following the standards and by having full compliance, the load time of your page can be reduced significantly. Your page will also look great for users and the speed of your webpage will be more than acceptable.

You should also know about the price structure used for SEO. As an example, the web designer could provide you with a flat fee or hourly pay. When you are working with a designer for the first time, you may agree with the flat fee and after you are confident with the reliability of the designer, then you could choose the hourly rate. In general, flat fee can be used during a big development project, while hourly fee can be used for maintenance and small tasks that can be completed in a short period of time. By asking the above questions, you should be able to prevent working with typical scammers in the SEO industry.

It is a clear fact that the competition in SEO industry is intense, especially if it involves highly competitive keywords. Relying only on standard SEO principles will bring you results, but they will take longer to achieve. In order to boost your SEO performance, you need to use other tools and PPC advertising is one of them. It is an effective way for brining targeted traffic to your website and if you do it right, PPC can be affordable too. With PPC, you need to make sure that you launch highly successful ads programs and you may start to get a decent volume of traffic, before you manage to get into the first page results for primary keywords. However, your final goal should be to obtain a large amount of free traffic from search engines due to excellent placements in SERP. If you want to achieve that, you can use PPC in a proper manner. One great benefit of PPC is that you significantly remove the competition factor that you face in SEO.

Your competitions in PPC are only advertisers who are in the same industry or field. When people seek for something, they automatically check the first results on the page. With PPC, your website can be placed directly above the first result. The appearance of your ads depends on keywords or search terms that are typed by users. With PPC advertising, you will be able to avoid the fierce competition in search engines. Your goal should be to deliver quality content that encourage people to bookmark and recommend your website to others. It means that PPC is a good tool to generate quality and relevant backlinks in a natural way, because people have genuine interests in your website. However, you can achieve this faster, if your website has easy visibility. PPC advertising give you this kind of easy visibility. Targeted traffic will start to trickle into your website and if they like your website, they will return later and they will their friends and colleagues about it.

When performing PPC advertisement, you should make sure that it can become economical. Your goal is to gain profit, so you need to be sensible with your PPC spending. In general, you pay for each time people click your ads and go to into your website. So, you need to make each opportunity counts. When people first see your landing page, they should be impressed and eager to check the rest of the website. They will start to determine the potentials of your products. This should be quite simple to do, because people who come to your website already know about details in the industry. So, you need to provide them with additional information that is very interesting and provided to them in an interesting way. So, it is a good idea to spend enough time and allocate efforts to make your website looks really interesting. So, when people would be really glad to see your website.

The uses of smartphones or tablet with OS are an absolute phenomenon. Android is leading the race and leaves iOS and Windows in term of mobile usage. It’s due to the fact that Android is actually an open source platform which can be installed to various brands of mobile devices which reduce the production cost. Thus, you can find Android phone cost very competitive in the market.

Android applications are the applications developed for Android platform. The files and folders generated by each application are different which define the resources and functions so it can be run in smartphone or tablet. All the necessities are contained in an archive which is well-known as Android Package Kit or APK.

The developer will generate an exported APK and sign it with a secret key to maintain their authority over the app. Today, you can find various apps in Google Play Store which are actually the signed APK uploaded by the developers. You can download and install it directly from the Play Store to your own smartphone or tablet. In other hands, you can also find android application through APK mirror which can be accessed by everyone.

As you enter the APK mirror website, you can download the android application without using any google account. APK mirror is completely free for any downloads and uploads. However, you can’t find any android application for APK mirror in the Google Play store due to the fact that it’s not an official Google service. You need to directly visit the APK mirror website, download your desired application and install it to your devices.

The main benefit of downloading from the APK mirror website is that you can download the previous version of the applications which are already gone in the Google Play Store. If you’re comfortable with the recent version of a certain application you can simply download the older version from the APK mirror.

Even though it’s not official yet, the APK mirror ensures the security and the eligibility of the applications. Any APK uploaded to the website is verified based on the sign. It means the APK contains the complete properties so it can be normally run on your mobile phone. APK you download from the APK mirror have the same functionalities and performance with those you download from the google play store. You don’t to have an account to download an APK from the website.

The era of rechargeable batteries is improved by the presence Lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery. Today, Li-ion battery is widely used in various electronic devices as it gives better performance than generic rechargeable batteries.

The cathode of Li-ion battery built with the lithium molecules. The lithium ions move around the anode and the cathode. It’s different than general batteries where the anode is built from carbon and works by a chemical reaction between electrolyte, cathode, and anode in generating current. This conventional system may generate capacity, safety, and performance issues.

Different types of Li-ion batteries make use of different types of cathodes. The cathodes are made of lithium molecules. Generally, the anodes are made of carbon. As with other types of batteries, the chemical reaction that happens between the cathode, anode and the electrolyte generate electric current. Aside from this, the stuff used for these will affect the cost, capacity, performance and the safety of certain generic batteries.

Manufacturers apply the lithium cobalt oxide cathode to built the Li-ion batteries with a higher capacity. The lithium iron phosphate is also widely used in advanced Li-ion batteries as they can live up to 5 times longer and the power density much better than the cobalt ones. Li-ion batteries are used for various devices especially the portable ones including smartphones, tablets, laptops, camera, and so forth. Li-ion batteries have also been used in electric cars, military, and so forth.

The advantages of Li-ion batteries:

1. The li-ion batteries are commonly lighter and offer high capacity compared to generic batteries. Li-ion batteries support portable devices very well for a long time. Now, most of the smartphones are using the Li-ion batteries

2. Li-ion batteries possess high power density which allows you to gain a higher capacity for your electronic devices. This feature makes li-on batteries eligible to power the draining device like laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Now, Li-ion battery can power up the laptop up to 5 hours and maintain your smartphones for days.

3. Another important feature of Li-ion battery includes the low rate of self-discharge at only 1.5 percent per month. This allows the battery to have a longer lifespan, much longer than generic rechargeable batteries.

4. The recently developed Li-ion can support fast charging which is widely used in the recent portable devices. Li-ion has dominated the market in power such devices.

5. The Li-ion batteries can retain their capacity more than 70 percent after went through a thousand cycle of charging.