Colors for Business and Leisure: BOOST YOUR MOOD WITH COLORS!

We all are programmed to be sensitive to colors. Do you know that you can use different colors for your business and everyday life? People do believe that bright interior is good for creative people. Those, who are involved in accountant or any other activity that needs much concentration, pain their offices pastel colors. What color would you pick for your vacation? Of course, the variety of colors is impressive and you’d better to  use Enterprise CVG airport and pick something extremely bright. Business car will always be deep blue, grey or black color. The prices for rental cars here will make your mood even better!

It’s time to boost your mood with bright colors. So, what colors and gradations should you pick for today?

Red-Rimmed Sunglasses



Green color keeps you balanced. It helps to get through your problems, anxiety, nervousness. This color is good for building up relations and can help at critical moment. Whatever problems you have, presentation, business meeting, you should pick green and get some luck. Wearing green you can forget about stress!


This is a combination of strength and drama. Red is warm and hot. It always brings your emotions out. It is said that red color betters your appetite so that this is a favorite grade of all restaurants. But at the same time it warns you of danger. There is a theory that proves red color is able to deepen your emotions. Be aware of wearing red when you are angry!


Blue color is preferred by people who want some calmness and peace of mind. Also, blues make your work effective. So, if you want to boost your productivity and make your working day fast and easy, you should paint your office walls in blues. Be aware of wearing cold blue grades. You feel sad and frustrated when you are in a blue environment.

Modern interior with sofa 3d render



This bright and cheerful color boosts your metabolism as well. Yellow is bright so that you are recommended to wear yellow clothes or accessories when you want to pay attention to your person. Also, yellow is a color of disappointments. There is no sense to dress in yellow all the time. Bright accessories from time to time are enough.


Traditionally, white color is a color of purity and innocence. White can help to expand your environment and your business. White shirts are for professionals only! This can help you to feel sharp and polished.

Big white cup and dessert plates on white background.



This is a royal color! It shouts about your smartness and spiritualuty. Many people consider this color as something really creative. That means if you have a creative job to do, like make a presentation or paint the walls, you should think of purple elements.


Pink color is always associated with romance, love. It can calm you up easily. Actually, pink is a special women’s colors. Also, he looks good on the back of your bronzing skin. That’s why a pink T-shirt is MUST HAVE!


Orange is a color of energy and enthusiasm. If you want to pay attention to your look, wear orange. This is a color of happiness and the best choice when you are playing with a team. It makes you motivated and inspiring for others and for yourself.

Red Lipstick !



Brown color сan be very dangerous. People used to associate brown with strength, hope. Also, we remember brown when we are sad and frustrated. At the same time, brown dress is perfect for work and leisure. You can change it according to the texture. The most of your everyday equipment are also brown. To conclude, brown is good for your life if you are confident and positive.




What do you think of the black color? Business world loves blacks. There was time when black was given over to evil. It was a symbol of black magic and deep mourning. It’s time to dress up! First of all, a little black dress is MUST HAVE! Wearing black suits and dresses help you to look slim. This color suits to different skin shades. Also, you can combine black with white or any other bright color and combinations. The most popular color for a business car is black.

Are you invited for the party or to the restaurant with friends? It is important to pick right clothes of right color. Remember, the color speaks for itself. You may use items of different colors in your environment to show your attitude to the situation you are in. Also, you can boost your mood with the help of colors. They are bright and shiny like yellow, orange, red. Black and white colors are good for business meeting and welcoming parties. A bright green car will be perfect for pizzeria but not very good for the lawyer and building agency.

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