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Considering The Degree Of Certainty In SEO

Considering The Degree Of Certainty In SEO

Due to a degree of uncertainty, SEO can be seen as a mix between science and art. It is not based on strict formulas that have tested and tried results. You need to use your knowledge and experience to know whether you can become more successful with your SEO efforts. As an example, we can never know precisely how search engine algorithms determine rankings. You should know how calculations can work well, based on experience. It is not possible to guarantee results, because SEO doesn’t have cast iron formulas with fixed results. Any professional SEO experts will tell you that the exact formula for SEO remains elusive and disingenuous. It is important for you to know what method that will work best for your situation.

The success of your SEO campaign is often determined by the ability of your website to reach high position in SERP. This is a good goal, but you should know how to achieve that properly. Regardless of how many factors that you consider and implement, such as meta tags optimization, keyword density and page load time; you can’t still unlock the mythical doorway that ensures results in your SEO effort. However, your knowledge and experience will bring you closer to truth. Although results will never be guaranteed, your chance of success will be highly elevated. Many people don’t have a great idea on how to properly ensure success, but they need to learn from experienced and skilled SEO professionals about results that they can get.

As an example, although Google never confirms it, it has become a general consensus that links are central to success of any SEO campaign. Real life results have also shown that quality backlinks are important if you want to achieve your SEO goals. However, the method of gaining link itself can add a degree of uncertainty to your SEO results. Black hat tactics may generate a horde of links in a short time, but they won’t last long. Creating links in blog comments and making reciprocal link exchange can be placed in the grey area, because these links are still artificial. The best method of getting link is still by making excellent content that impress people, so they will make a link to your website. A natural backlink is created when people genuinely want to use your webpages as references.

However, natural backlinks take time to generate and you need to work harder to achieve that. The task of making an excellent content itself is already time consuming and people are getting harder and harder to impress. Any artificially made backlinks could skew the results and the audience may not get the best content possible. So, it appears that honesty, persistence, patience and hard work are still the most defining factors in SEO. It may take weeks before you get your first natural backlink, but if you are persistent enough, you will finally get more and more links. When you reach to a point where some of your webpages go viral, you will get hundreds of natural backlinks.

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