Know Types Of Psychometric Test Used For Hiring

Know Types Of Psychometric Test Used For Hiring

When it comes to using psychometric test how many of us really know the reason for using it for hiring. Well, it is one better way to deal with the flexible behavioral pattern that you can actually expect from a candidate. However, when you plan to hire the person, it is expected that the candidate is open to the flexible working environment. Not only this, the hiring manager also needs to make sure he is choosing the candidate who can come up with some new ideas and also matches well with other people working in the office to ensure the best possible outcome.

Understanding the Styles:

If you are planning to include a psychometric assessment as a part of hiring, understand that there are ample of types of such test. Ideally, it focuses on measuring the skills of the person or even knowing the aptitude whereas other focuses on creating a profile on the certain traits. Here are few of the types that you need to know

General Test Types

In this category, the psychometric test is conducted to the candidates and employees that include:

  • Aptitude Tests: It is used for understanding the knowledge and ability of the candidate in the specific field. However, most commonly it is used to know the general level of the candidate in terms of intolerance that he can use in the organization.
  • Verbal Reasoning: The test measures the subject understanding about the arguments or even the verbal description that has been made. It is ideally used for understanding whether the person is capable enough to draw any conclusion or not.
  • Numerical Reasoning: The focus of such test is to analysis the overall numerical data and understand if certain calculations that have been made are accurate or not. There are certain topics, which are covered that include percentages, trends, currency conversations and ratios to name a few.
  • Inductive Test: This test ideally helps you measure the ability of the person and how well he can work with the information which is absolutely not familiar to the person. Besides it is a challenge for the person to come up with the solution to such problems while giving an explanation of how well has the person got an idea conceptual wise and analytically.

Specific Test Types:

This is another set of assessment that is further categorized into different types. It usually focuses on measuring either the single or variety of factor.

  • IQ Test:

It measures the intelligence of the candidate and the aptitude that can ideally be used on predicting the potential education or the need of the person with further educational assistance

  • Big Five Profile:

The focus of such test is to measure the core personality traits that includes consciousness, agreeableness, openness, extroversion, and Neuroticism

  • Occupational Interest Inventory:

In this test, the motivation and aptitude of the candidate are measured. It is more specifically used for understanding the mind of the fresher who are intending to apply for the job role.

Certainly, these types can make it a lot easier for you to choose amongst the best of the candidates who have applied for the job role.

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