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Li-ion Battery

Li-ion Battery

The era of rechargeable batteries is improved by the presence Lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery. Today, Li-ion battery is widely used in various electronic devices as it gives better performance than generic rechargeable batteries.

The cathode of Li-ion battery built with the lithium molecules. The lithium ions move around the anode and the cathode. It’s different than general batteries where the anode is built from carbon and works by a chemical reaction between electrolyte, cathode, and anode in generating current. This conventional system may generate capacity, safety, and performance issues.

Different types of Li-ion batteries make use of different types of cathodes. The cathodes are made of lithium molecules. Generally, the anodes are made of carbon. As with other types of batteries, the chemical reaction that happens between the cathode, anode and the electrolyte generate electric current. Aside from this, the stuff used for these will affect the cost, capacity, performance and the safety of certain generic batteries.

Manufacturers apply the lithium cobalt oxide cathode to built the Li-ion batteries with a higher capacity. The lithium iron phosphate is also widely used in advanced Li-ion batteries as they can live up to 5 times longer and the power density much better than the cobalt ones. Li-ion batteries are used for various devices especially the portable ones including smartphones, tablets, laptops, camera, and so forth. Li-ion batteries have also been used in electric cars, military, and so forth.

The advantages of Li-ion batteries:

1. The li-ion batteries are commonly lighter and offer high capacity compared to generic batteries. Li-ion batteries support portable devices very well for a long time. Now, most of the smartphones are using the Li-ion batteries

2. Li-ion batteries possess high power density which allows you to gain a higher capacity for your electronic devices. This feature makes li-on batteries eligible to power the draining device like laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Now, Li-ion battery can power up the laptop up to 5 hours and maintain your smartphones for days.

3. Another important feature of Li-ion battery includes the low rate of self-discharge at only 1.5 percent per month. This allows the battery to have a longer lifespan, much longer than generic rechargeable batteries.

4. The recently developed Li-ion can support fast charging which is widely used in the recent portable devices. Li-ion has dominated the market in power such devices.

5. The Li-ion batteries can retain their capacity more than 70 percent after went through a thousand cycle of charging.

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