Perfect Car Trip: 6 Essential Gadgets for Travelers

Traveling by car is not only budget and convenient, but also much more exciting way of getting than a train or plane. Regardless of where you’re going, bustling Los Angeles in California or picturesque Round Rock in Texas, car rental will allow you to stop in the right place and see much more amazing destinations during your trip.

Often, travel gadgets can make your life a lot easier, especially if you travel by car. Some of them are absolutely necessary, and you’ll use them exactly, while others will come in handy as a precaution. Now, on the market you’ll find many devices to make the trip more comfortable, safer and interesting. Here’re some of them…

USB Car Charger

Games, music, movies, social networks – all these multimedia entertainments allow you to have fun on the road. Even the smartest gadgets for cars have one unpleasant property – they can be discharged, and when you need to book a hotel room, it may turn out that your smartphone lies in pocket with black screen.

Buy USB-car mobile charger online

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A power bank or a modern jump starter with a built-in battery and USB connectors can be a suitable solution. With their help, car gadgets will work much longer. Also, you should grab a USB splitter or a portable USB car charger on the road.


Car GPS Navigator

Navigator is a must-have gadget of any traveler. Of course, nowadays a smartphone can serve as a navigator, but it doesn’t have the full set of functions available in the navigator. In any case, the navigator is safer and more convenient to use on a long trip.

On the Rawene Car Ferry

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When choosing a navigator, special attention should be paid to several things. First of all, choose a gadget with convenient controls, because it’s not always possible to set up everything while you are parked, and sometimes you have to change the parameters on the go. In this case, the navigator must have either a good touch screen or control buttons. Secondly, pay attention to the display of the device. The screen should be clearly visible from all sides and at any angle. Thirdly, don’t forget about the size and ease of mounting the navigator. This gadget is usually mounted on the windshield, but it shouldn’t block your visibility.


Car Inverter

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to completely forget about work while traveling, and the best way to save time for rest is to finish all the work during long journeys. However, laptops have the same problem as other gadgets – the battery capacity is not infinite.


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Yes, the most useful gadgets for cars are those related to recharging batteries. Therefore, it makes sense to acquire a car inverter that can convert the voltage of a standard car outlet to the required alternating current. A 300-watt device is enough for most household tasks. Such inverters are not too expensive and often come in handy in the most unexpected situations.


Portable Car Refrigerator

During the journey the car becomes your temporary home, and every home should have a refrigerator. It allows food to keep fresh and drinks to keeps cool. This gadget is indispensable on a trip if it takes more than 4-5 hours. Well, and if you have to go for a few days?

Generic 12V Thermoelectric RV Car Cooler Warmer Portable Mini Truck Refrigerator 110V Office Home Food Heater Beverage Cooler Fridge,6L For Sale

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When choosing portable car refrigerator, you should simply to consider the capacity. The smallest models will fit only a couple of bottles of water, but in large refrigerator you can fit the supply of provisions for a day, or even more. By the way, such refrigerators are sometimes even compressor-based, but in this case they are much more expensive.


Car Coffee Maker

If you are an experienced traveler, you probably know one pattern: the farther away from the metropolis, the harder it’s to find a good coffee. For those who like this drink, this situation can become a real tragedy.

Take Your Espresso On the Go With the Portable MiniPresso GR

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That’s why the portable coffee machine was invented. It works from a standard 12V outlet, but in order to activate the device, the car must be parked. At first glance, this precaution seems excessive – after all, you can entrust the role of a barista to a passenger. But if he accidentally spills a hot drink on the driver’s knees on the go, there can be big problems.


Car Lighter Splitter

In order to connect all the gadgets a 12V lighter socket is used in the car. Unfortunately, you’ll find only 1-2 such connectors in the car. But you still need to somehow charge smartphones and tablets of the whole family. So, car lighter splitter is a perfect solution! It allows you to connect multiple gadgets to the power at the same time.

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You need to choose car lighter splitter only according to your taste, but there are some nuances. Pay attention to the length of the wire and ease of mounting in the car so that this device doesn’t lie under your feet. In addition, it’s better to take a model in which there will immediately be USB ports for charging your phones, then you won’t have to buy special adapters from 12V to USB, and there will be more free ports to plug in other car gadgets.


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