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Quick Steps to See Your E-Commerce Website Grow

Sadly, having a unique selling point just isn’t enough to take off as an e-commerce brand. Other websites have the ability to optimise themselves to rank higher, and naturally, on Google, this leads to popularity. But having a unique product or service is the ideal start to a successful brand, and you can follow steps to help your business grow. Here’s a look at 4 quick techniques you can implement to see your brand become successful.


Implement Keywords to the Website

You know your products inside and out, but you need to know what type of search people will type in to see the product. Google’s AdWords and other online services allow you to see the number of searches a keyword receives and you can then decide whether the traffic you generate with that keyword will be interested in your product. There’s no point in using “cheap” in a keyword is you’re offering a premium product as people search will leave the website. It’s about being realistic with your expectations, and if you are a brand-new website, trying to rank for smaller volumes of keywords will be much easier.


Social Media Advertising

Implementing keyword to the website is the long-term tactic, in the short term, social media advertising is the best way to generate quick leads. Creating an attractive image to promote the product and advertising it on Instagram and Facebook is very affordable, you can tell the platform your daily/ weekly budget, and it will only spend what you decide. The best approach with this technique is to just advertise to potential buyers, whilst setting up the campaign you can narrow down the type of people who see the ad. If you offer ethical sportswear, it’s best to narrow the search down by gender, age and even add some interests to the campaign as the moral aspect might not appeal to everyone.



In recent year Google has announced new parameters that it wants websites to meet. This is a way for them to reward sites that work hard to offer a fast, exciting website that people enjoy using. One of the things Google likes to see is detailed content on the website, and it can prove to be difficult on e-com websites as the idea is to be more visual to help sell. Adding a weekly/ monthly blog to the website can really help to improve how people view it, and by doing this, you can also answer commonly typed in questions on Google. When people choose to visit your website to view the answer this also helps with increasing your traffic, which can naturally lead to conversions.


Mobile Friendly

One of the most important thing for Google is to make sure a website looks friendly on a mobile platform. Websites need to be updated so they convert into an organic looking website on a mobile, the becomes even more essential for e-com websites as most sales are generated via mobile now. If your site sells gym crop tops and other activewear, you want there to be a few clicks as possible before checkout, as impulse purchases are much more likely on mobile.


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