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Six Makeover Tips Which Prove Perfect Website Design Is in the Details

Websites are like a business suit: you don’t wear the exact one for decades at a time. In fact, with the rapid technological advances in the world of website design, it would be a pity not to benefit from what they have to offer.


And it doesn’t have to be a complete makeover either! Even the small stuff can add up and take your website’s look to the next level.


But how can you figure out which of the details matter? And what can you change them to? Read along!



If you want to make your website user-friendly, animations are great to improve your design. The benefits range from giving it a dynamic look to decluttering the website design so that it looks more elegant and easy to read.


Besides, creating the effect of movement can easily direct your visitors’ attention towards the most important elements of your website. On the other hand, too many animations are confusing and overwhelming, not to mention amateurish.  



The first way in which you can stay in touch with your visitors is by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter and updates. Of course, you need to design this subscription form so that it doesn’t bother new visitors.


People hate it when you condition them to subscribe or when you push too hard. As such, the subscription form should blend in with the rest of the website. Your newsletters and offers should be as personal as possible, without using any “spammy” language.



Using negative space is one of the most important principles of minimalism. Even if you want to add all the info necessary for your visitors, cramming that together isn’t the way to go. The importance of including white space in your website design is huge as it can add structure.

Without structure, visitors don’t know where to look. So only with negative space can you direct their focus to the essential elements on your website, like calls to action.


24/7 Chat

Either with a live chat app or by using a chatbox, visitors need to feel they can always get in touch with you and that you will respond to their queries almost immediately. Using live chat, you can strengthen the relationship with your customers because you’re always there for them. In turn, they will become loyal.


Updated Images

The gorgeous visual design is one of the 11 Essentials of a Successful Website. There are few things that make your website look worse than old images of poor quality. If you want to make your website unique, your selection of visuals must focus on your current products. Choosing the right resolution is important, so keep in mind you need smaller images for a mobile-friendly website version.



If you’re to learn from print media, customers are immensely attracted by what’s above the fold. Same goes for online websites, and your header is the first thing people spot. The good news is that you can easily improve it by experimenting with the fonts, sizes or logo position.

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