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The Future Of Self Driving Tech

The Future Of Self Driving Tech

Have you visited Dubai and experience the driverless car taking you around the city? This is what they called as the self-driving tech and soon it will be applied to all exclusive cars by famous manufacturers. Even we had the glimpse of Japan Giant Car manufacturer Nissan concept to have this self-driving ability in the future Nissan Leaf. So how does this tech will affect our daily life as well as the aspects? Of course, this feature would help especially for people who want to have a long road trip. With this feature at hand, they would be able to rest while the car driving itself to the destination.

So the self-driving system we know works by combining multiple sensory data and compile it to a route which then executed by the autonomous driving system. Then it creates the rules of which the car would do the safety maneuver whenever an obstacle is detected. It includes braking, changing lane, and it could even accelerate to certain speed if there is no obstacle ahead. There is three major self-driving tech that has been applied to the latest cars:

The camera over radar: this system is dominated mostly by the camera sensor combined with radar data. This way the automated driving system could recognize road signs, obstacles, and road markings more perfectly. However, there will be a lot of cameras attached to the car’s body and it is affected mostly by weather.

Radar over cameras: this is just the opposite of the previous one. While the system could perfectly navigate the surroundings, but recognizing road signs would be a problem. However, the system will not affect by weather as much as the previous one, but still recognizing road signs is just another matter.

Hybrid system: combines all the light detection and ranging, sensory algorithms, radar, and camera systems to perfectly measure the environment. This would create a perfect driving experience with precision and stability.

Of course, the self-driving tech will make the car cost more than a normal one. But there are many things which would be superior to the other like the comfort and driving experience. In the near future, the self-driving tech could be a new measure for public safety and become compulsory for every car manufacturers. Since it could help you predict the road and detect objects around, this option may come in handy for reckless drivers and enhance the safety for many people.

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