TOP 7 Planning Tips to Organize Outdoor Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting, you should think of making it interesting. It’s not a problem at all! How about making an outdoor event? Living in a big city takes your energy, efforts. Meeting outdoors is a fresh idea to gather together, point out all business problems, and relax in nature. It is rather encouraging, isn’t it? Think big! First, try to get out of the city! You probably need to rent a picnic tent, find a good place for your meeting and rent a car here to drive your guests and partners to the meeting place. Not much to do! Let’s sum up!

Miniature Golf





You definitely need a place to seat on, even if you are in nature.


Having chairs, you need to take a table. Don’t forget you have a business meeting that’s why it is important to have enough space to put a laptop, Wi-Fi connection, telephone. It’s not a problem to prepare a good outdoor meeting with the help of newest technologies.


Do you plan to make a presentation? If so, you need a stage. This is that right variant to make your meeting truly business.

Grill and Food

What do you want to do after meeting? It’s time to relax and enjoy the company of your guests. You need to take grill and some food. That must be an enjoyable picnic.


While you are cooking and eating, you may turn on the music. So, don’t forget to take sound equipment with you to decorate your environment.

Grillspieß mit Hähnchenfleisch, Paprika, Tomate und Zwiebel



Here are special tips to help you to plan your outdoor business meeting in the best way. So, don’t be afraid to leave your office and start meeting somewhere in the city park, national park, seaside.

Get Out of the City

Outdoor business meeting is not a new idea for today. There are many companies who follow this practice and can’t be stopped from developing. There is nothing to be afraid of! Change your environment! Outdoor meeting is good for team building, group education, learning strategies and business methods. If you are going to take your team outdoors, you are on the right way, indeed. First, pay attention to all important questions you have in your list. It is right time to make this beautiful environment help you. Make it comfortable! Then, go out of the tent to have fun.

Go Walking

Do you want to try creatively different teambuilding methods? How about walking? Yeah, you got it right! You should get out of your office, take the car and drive it somewhere beyond the city. Try walking! First of all, hiking is a good exercise. Also, it helps to add some fresh air and creativity into your working group. There is one more thing: Small group! No smartphones! Take inspirations from nature!

Business Partners Suit Conversation


Make Breaks

If you feel like your got stuck and need a new fresh idea, just make a break. That’s why it is very important to meet in nature to have enough space for rest. Planning your meeting, don’t forget to organize enough space for a productive leisure like mini-golf, beach volleyball, bowling. All participants can take a break, join the team and compete in something except for business for a while. It helps to boost their brain and creativeness.

Treat Your Guests

Hungry people can’t work well! So, why don’t you find some time for cocktails, snacks, dinner? When you are discussing something sandwiches work well. Then, take a grill and organize outdoor picnic, where people can eat, talk, get more information about each other. If you are not strong at it, you may order food from the restaurant.

Watch the Time

Timing is an important part of every meeting. There is an idea that always works! Of course, the timing of you meeting depends on the question you are going to discuss. But try to make a working component no longer than 50 minutes. Then, make a break. Layering work and leisure you can make your colleagues work effectively.

TIME geschrieben mit gestapelten Würfeln mit Buchstaben neben Sanduhr vor dunklem Hintergrund


Presents and Surprises

Try to spend your time wisely. It is right time to find a couple of creative ideas to make a surprise for all participants. What surprise? Think of a special greeting that makes your team members feel special. Then, it’s time for presents. You can give different presents, but the most popular are SPA-set, cosmetics, restaurant gift certificate, excursion tickets. Also, when the meeting is over you can give them farewell presents and different options to have fun outdoors.

Learning your colleagues, working together, discussing important questions you have a chance to learn your partners and boost their brain processes. It is really important to change environment from time to time. You learn each other and have a chance to open up new relations. So, if you have difficulties in planning, making food, buying presents, you can easily contact to special agency to help you in organizing your special business event.

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