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Want To Make Your Android Device Faster? Here Is How

Want To Make Your Android Device Faster? Here Is How

Android devices have ups and downs. When it comes to the effectivity, you’ll agree that the devices are really something. Using the android devices make you feel like as more resourceful person. You just need to use it to connect with other, do some social function, and so on. Not to mention with the dozens apps that can support you to do your activities better. But this device will not be useful if it slows down. A slow Android device is a real deal. It can slow down your things. The last thing you want is to be late in delivering your presentation just because your smartphone is loading too slow.

Transfer Your Files to other devices

If you have the most recent Android devices, then you may have filled your Android memory with HD videos, HD photos, mp3s, and much more. These files can start slowing down your device because they clog your memory. You could store them to DVD or HDD external, or your PC storage. Or you can move them to cloud drives such as Dropbox or GDrive.

Inventory Check

You may not realize that you have been installing the apps that you don’t necessarily use on your Android device. Check all apps installed in your Android device. Do you need to use all of them? If you think that these apps are not useful, don’t hesitate to delete them permanently. Useless apps are slowing down your device. If you, by chance don’t use them but don’t want to delete them, just disable them so that they won’t eat your RAM.

Don’t Use Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are indeed astonishing and captivating. They have become a trend in most recent years. What you might not know is that it is very significant toward your Android device speed. These will suck your RAM up. That’s why keep them at bay. Replace the live wallpapers with the usual one. Believe it, you will feel the difference.

Do You Have anti-malware or antivirus app?

What you browse is your own discretion. However, you may put your device at risk when you leave your Android device defenseless. When the malware or virus raids your device, the significant effect of the infection is the slower speed of your android device. Visit Play Store and look for the best anti-malware and antivirus apps. The good thing here is that you can get those which are free to use.

Updates Your OS

Besides the methods mentioned above, another thing you could do to speed up your device is by performing your software updates. Check the automatic updates in your Android Setting. Updates are meant to improve the users’ experiences by removing bugs, updating security, and much more. You will get more benefits from software updates. So don’t overlook it.

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