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Why Are Rummy Players Said to Be Street Smart?

Why Are Rummy Players Said to Be Street Smart

Every game teaches you something or the other. Rummy teaches you to be street smart. Basically, it teaches one not to get deceived in life and have your eyes open. The game is popular because it gives much more than it appears to give. Many people wonder whether it is just a hearsay or whether rummy really adds to one’s life. So, here are some simple things that clearly reveal that rummy teaches players to be street smart:

Because They Know When to Pass a Game

Most often in life and in a game, we tend to hold on to a situation longer than is required. This makes us end up in a mess eventually. A good player of Indian Rummy knows that he should pass if the chances of winning are few. Holding onto a wrong hand may mean losing out more points than one is required to lose. The street smartness the game teaches is to quit the game before you lose. This is one lesson that may prove extremely important in life as well.

Because They Can Always Use Their Bonuses Smartly

In life and in a rummy card game, we have certain bonuses. How we use these bonuses decides how we turn up in the end. In relationships, people give a second chance for you to improve and make it work. This is a bonus. In a game of rummy, the extra jokers pulled out of the deck allow you to complete sets or sequences. These too are bonuses. A smart player makes the best use of bonuses to win the game or atleast to reduce the points to the minimum.

Why Are Rummy Players Said to Be Street Smart

Because They Develop Intuitive Sense

A street-smart person knows when to avoid certain situations or when to alter the strategy in life. This is one thing life teaches them. A great player of classic rummy game can guess the next move or the cards in hand with the help of cards that have been disposed. This intuitive sense helps him develop the right strategies to win the game. It thus is a significant part of a rummy player’s personality.

Because They Know the Importance of Organising

Organising helps in keeping things in proper order. A well organised person is known to have a better memory too. Being organised is an asset in any industry. This quality is something that most good rummy players possess. The first thing they do when they get their cards is to arrange these cards in proper order. This way, they are able to clearly assess the probability of making a set or a sequence.

Because They Are Wise with Strategies

The beauty of rummy gameis that one cannot use the same strategies again and again. One needs to innovate or come up with new strategies each day to stay a winner. If the opponent understands your strategies, there are chances he can outwit you in the game. The street smartness of rummy players allows them to come up with new strategies each time.

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