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5 Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Although it’s recommended to leave phones and TV’s out of the bedroom as they can stop you from sleeping, not all gadgets should be completely banned, as there are plenty that are effective in helping you get to sleep. It seems that more and more people are developing issues with sleep, but luckily, tech companies are developing solutions. Have a look at a few of the hottest gadgets on the market to help you get those ZZZ’s…


Philips and Hue White & Color Starter Kit

Our sleep pattern is determined by our circadian rhythm, which is basically our body clock, and it is dictated by things such as light. So, our body clock tells us to go to sleep when it’s dark and wake up when it becomes light. These Philips and Hue lights mimic the sunset and it dims as you go to sleep. In the morning, you can gradually be awoken by wake up lights. This is a more natural solution for problematic sleepers as it will make your body naturally get used to a routine.


Travel Pillow

Even if you don’t have trouble sleeping usually, one place that messes with everyone’s sleeping pattern is the airport. Catching ridiculously early or late flights can completely disrupt our routines and leave us feeling groggy on the first day of the holiday. We want to enjoy every day we have, so to make the most of your first day, being refreshed and awake is key. Enter, the travel pillow. Get yourself a comfortable and compact neck pillow that will help you to get comfortable and catch up on sleep, but also one that won’t take up too much room. 


Nest Thermostat

Far too often we wake up due to being too hot or too cold, and once you’re uncomfortable, it’s hard to think about anything else. So, with this Nest Thermostat, your bedroom temperature will be regulated to an ideal 60-67 degrees fahrenheit, so you can relax in a room that’s the perfect sleep-inducing temperature. 


Smart Nora

If snoring (either your own or a partners) is something that interrupts your sleep, try Smart Nora, which is a device that detects snoring throughout the night as it is inserted into your pillow, and it will gently move in the pillow when you are snoring to stop you snoring without having to wake you up. If you’re the snorer, I’m sure your partner will thank you for it too!



Considering that aromatherapy has been around for around 6000 years, it’s clear that it must be somewhat effective, and its potential in helping people to sleep shouldn’t be overlooked. Place an essential oil diffuser in your bedroom to reduce stress and also to help cure insomnia. Lavender is the scent that relaxes the body and calms the mind so give this a go.

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