Tech-Free Vacation: 7 Places to Escape from the Digital World

Most of us live in megacities, where life doesn’t stop even for a second. We drink sleeping pills to fall asleep for at least a few hours, while the media is constantly trying to push unproductive news and materials into our minds. In addition, the hotels where we stay on vacation are fully crammed with modern digital devices.

Today, we decided to run away from all this and tell you about the places where you’ll forget what the Internet, mobile communications and television are. Of course, you will probably need to ADA France in order to get there, as most of these places are situated far from big cities and are not accessible by public transport.

Fairmont Kenauk in Canada

The log house in Le Chateau Montebello is a place where technology has no place. There’s no electricity, and all appliances are powered by solar energy. The owners have installed solar panels that easily feed the refrigerators and the water pump.

You won’t find a TV or video recorder there – communication with the world is maintained by using only one small station, which can be used to report, for example, attacking a grizzly bear, but not about the fact that the refrigerator turned off.

DSC02805 - Château Montebello

Fishing, hunting, hiking in the woods, canoeing, and enjoying different kind of sports will be a great alternative to all-inclusive rest in the world-known 5-star hotels.

The room price in Fairmont Kenauk starts from $209 per night.


Casa de las Olas in Mexico

Casa de las Olas is a small villa situated just 85 miles away from Cancun. According to the owners, they are waiting for all people dependent on technological things and gadgets. In Casa de las Olas, such people are called “digital addicts”. Similarly to Fairmont Kenauk, everything is built there on solar batteries, since there are no problems with the sun in Mexico.

Beach - Casa de las Olas

(photo by Casa de las Olas)

The use of Wi-Fi is limited and it’s needed only to know if there’re delays with arrivals or departures of aircraft. Casa de las Olas retreat complex has no televisions, telephones or even air conditioners.

The sea breeze is very refreshing. As entertainment, you can explore the many caves, freshwater sources and swim next to the world’s second largest coral reef.

The rooms at Casa de las Olas are available at about $170 per night.


Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia

It can be said that all the rooms in this magnificent Caribbean location have three walls. The fact is that the fourth one is an incredible panoramic view of the island and the sea. There are no clocks, telephones, Internet and television.

Room with a View

(photo by Tiffany Dowd)

However, a lot of pools, vast territories, diverse underwater world and evening gatherings around the fire will greatly diversify your vacation. Stunningly beautiful sunsets are another reason to stay there.

The cost of living in Jade Mountain starts from $900 per night.


Amankora in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Bhutan is famous for its endless forest valleys and fields. Almost all the territories are secluded, so it’s almost impossible to meet annoying tourists there.

Amankora’s luxurious rooms offer peace and tranquility to their guests. As in all the places already described, you won’t be able to use any means of communication there.

Bhutan 026

(photo by Rebecca)

Fortunately, there is a magnificent spa-center, trips to holy places and ancient monasteries, as well as meetings with monks and open-air meditation.

The accommodation price at Amankora starts from $725 per night.


Three Camels Lodge in Mongolia

Actually, getting to Three Camels Lodge situated in the heart of isolated desert is very difficult. At first, you need to use a charter to the capital of Mongolia, and then you will fly an hour to the place closest to the Gobi Desert. After that, you should travel by car to Three Camel Lodge itself.

Three Camel Lodge

(photo by Enkuso)

Here you will live in yurts, which are traditional nomadic tents. Food is very scarce, but satisfying. The usual local activities are rare bird watching, hunting and excavation. There’s no Internet, TV or mobile connection at Three Camels Lodge – you just need a generator for a satellite phone and a refrigerator for cooling your beer.

The average cost of the room in Three Camels Lodge is $175 per night.


andBeyond Mnemba Island in Tanzania

This unique cottage is a great place where you can forget about all the digital devices, which are so common in your daily life. White sandy beaches, diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and evening gatherings at dinner will show you the other side of life – without regular phone calls and emails.

Mnemba Island

(photo by Kate Vos)

Also, you can play there board games, read books in a small library, and most importantly, enjoy the sun and quietness.

andBeyond Mnemba Island accommodation rates starts from $750 per night.


Greyfield Inn in the USA

Greyfield Inn is located on a private island, which is accessible only by ferry. The four-storey 16-room mansion built at the beginning of the 20th century offers its guests to stay in silence and at least for a while to forget about the turmoil of our everyday life.

Cumberland Island

(photo by Doug Anderson)

There’s a huge beach where you can walk, and a stable where you can enjoy a horse riding. By the way, very often local musicians are invited to the island – they play pleasant quiet music in the evenings. The only connection with the outside world is a radio telephone, which is used only for emergency situations.

The rooms at Greyfield Inn cost from $415 per night.

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