TOP Popular Destinations to Start and Run Your Business!

Business trip is not only business but new interesting places, new restaurants, new culture, new people, and new opportunities. You can get out of the office and look around. There must be something that is interesting for you. Of course, a good business class car will be the best helper in your movements. Check here and pick up a good vehicle that suits you the most. Don’t forget to contact to the rental company and ask for discounts and special offers. Business travelers are always encouraged with low prices and big sales for group travellers. But what are the best business locations where you can get the most attractive car rental deals?

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This is the city where the biggest European airport is situated. Also, there is a European Central bank so that Frankfurt is considered the biggest financial center of Europe. What a fantastic place to start business!

The main business brunches are finances, IT, biotechnologies.


Hong Kong with its open market and media relations can be compared with London and New York. Hundreds of companies run their business here. This is the most popular Asian capital for circulating business at international level.

The main business brunches are finances, tourism, trades.


This is one of the most prosperous destinations in the South America. Mexico is known as one of the best start-up centers. This is a really good start point to run your business. In general, there is nothing special in this city. You can easily meet new people, find partners, run a shop or restaurant.

The main business brunches are pharmaceutical industry, IT, finances.


Welcome to the city of a Big Apple! This huge city is a home for millions of companies and corporations from all over the world. You can see the bright signs and famous names everywhere in the city. New York is an attractive spot for start-uppers and running businesses. Also, there are many places to visit when you are free.

The main business brunches are finances, media, IT.

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The capital of Ireland was always a popular touristic destination for businessmen from the whole world. Dublin is a unique combination of new and old things. You can meet the old respectable banks and inexperienced start uppers walking side by side. Also, this is a great place to relax after a long working day. It’s really difficult to decide where to go to hang out with partners this night! The choice of pubs, restaurants, cafes is huge!

The main business brunches are tourism, finances, IT.


This is the main player in Canadian team. The city is comfortably situated on the banks of Ontario. This is a successful platform to start touristic business and trades. Also, you can see a lot of museums, and different historical and cultural places to spend time there and attract more new clients to your business.

The main business brunches are finances, IT, aerospace engineering, tourism.

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The capital of Scotland is one of the most popular business capitals in the world. There is enough space for big corporations and small businesses. Many successful people call Edinburgh their new home. More than 100 000 people work here in finances. The city is good not only for business but as an attractive touristic spot. You can visit museums, old castles, memorials, and the most exiting city and nature views.

The main business brunches are finances, agriculture, IT, fishing, food industry, sciences.


Of course, the biggest business center of the world is London. Also, this is the biggest business capital in Europe. London is full of banks, transnational companies, investments. You can’t find a better place to share your business experience and gain new information. There is always something to do in your free time: museums, architectural monuments, old pubs, and futuristic environment.

The main businesses are finances, tourism, media, IT, fashion.

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Meet the next but not the last popular business destination. San Francisco is represented as the most favorable platform for business and leisure. You can see many offices of the world giant companies such as Twitter, Google. You can try yourself in different business spheres. After work you can go to visit Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermen’s Wharf. This city can impress you a lot with its business and cultural development.

The main businesses are hotel business, IT, health care, tourism, shipbuilding.

When it comes to business travel, not all cities are favorable for running your business. Of course, the biggest world capitals are good for learning, trying, and sharing experience, but not all cities are created equal. Everything depends on what business brunch you want to try in. Are you going to try yourself in finances or tourism, health care or IT. The brunch matters. Then it is time to pick the city according to the life quality and your personal needs.

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