TOP 7 MUST HAVE Gadgets to Travel with Kids!

Traveling with kids you need something to help them to pass their time with fun. Just imagine, you are traveling somewhere in Mexico. You took the car from Alamo car rental in Guadalajara airport to start your trip comfortably. That’s a good step! But it is not enough to keep your kids busy, especially if the route is long. What gadgets do you need? Of course, the most important thing here is how old your kids are. Thus, teenagers need more advanced gadgets than kids under 7. If you have right gadgets, you can make your trip quiet and really comfortable for all members of your family.



  1. iPpad or Tablet

You definitely need a tabled or iPad for kids when you are traveling. It doesn’t matter what the model of your tablet is. Just download a couple of interesting apps and sleep well. Also, you can download a couple of films for you and your husband to watch them when your kids are sleeping.

Of course, when you are going for a walk, you can go out without your tablet or iPad. There is no need in gadgets when you walk in the park behind the house or visiting a museum. Speaking about traveling, it is important to have your favorite Kindle Fire Kids and Kindle Fires. They are easy to transport. This is a smart gadget to keep your kids’ favorite films, books, songs in one place.

  1. Bluetooth Headphones

Traveling by car, bus or plane you need to take a pair of headphones. It is also important gadget for your kids. Pay attention to KidzGear models! They are done in different colors and sizes. Also, they are equipped with special sound limit option to protect your kid’s ears even when they are on maximum sound. There is no need to explain why you need headphones. It often happens that your kids are playing video games or watching films while other people are talking.

  1. Powerbanks

It is important to travel without gadgets in our days. You take your smartphones, iPad, camera, laptop. There can be nothing worse than a dead laptop at that time when your kids are going to watch movie or play games. You are traveling to somewhere to another state and have to spend more than 4 hours on driving. You definitely need a powerbank. It doesn’t matter where you go, to Europe, Africa, or Australia. You cannot go without a special charger to charge all your gadgets all together. Ventev Global powerbank allows you to charge about 4 devices and 2 USB ports. You don’t need any additional adapter to travel from country to country with all your gadgets easily.

Left Coast Envy


  1. Child-Carrier

If you like adventures and don’t want to leave your kids at home you need to buy Kelty Child Carrier. This is the way for your kids to enjoy the views around, carry different things, food, water. It’s like a backpack and carrier two in one. It is light for you and comfortable for your kid. There is a special protection for kid’s back and legs. This is a MUST HAVE gadget for babies under 18 kilos. Also, you can pack everything you need on the go. The carries is really necessary for hiking, long walks, climbing mountains, long foot excursions.

  1. Go Pro

Go Pro is a popular action camera that is good for parents and kids. It is especially good for extreme shooting when you need to move and shoot at the same time. So, why do your kids need this popular gadget? Actually, it is especially needed for you when your kids are swimming, skiing, running. You can take it to the swimming pool, park, excursion. Your kids will enjoy their time in the pool while you are shooting them. There are also special accessories that help kids to use Go Pro without parents’ help. So, they can easily take it for the excursion to share images with you.

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  1. Jetkids Bedbox

This bed is goof for plane, bus, and even for your car. This is a kind of bed where your kids can sleep and feel comfortable at that. There is also some space for you. This simple device is a real gift for all traveling parents.

  1. Wi Fi

If your kids are already in their teens you can understand the meaning of internet and Wi-Fi connection. If your gadget cannot find the net this can be the biggest disaster! If you want you can download special apps that are active even offline. Also, you should think of mobile internet for your teenagers to stay always in touch.

Fuhu DreamTab Tablet


Modern kids are close with their iPads, laptops, and telephones. These gadgets are MUST HAVE for traveling. They will help to spend time wisely, read, write, watch films, play funny games, even shoot, and take interesting pictures. They are really helpful when you are going to put your kids in the car and drive along the country from side to side. It usually takes much time. Your children will sleep or spend long boring hours the most of the time. So, why don’t you buy them something for attraction? Nevertheless, don’t forget that learning new cultures, diving into adventures are more interesting than playing games.

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