Five Reasons That Your Startup in Canada Needs a Virtual Phone System

Canada is a buzzing market and is the new destination for small businesses due to its flourishing economy. In the recent decades, many organizations have moved business operations to Canada due to its friendly taxation policies, open corporate culture, and thriving trade practices.

If you want your startup or small business to achieve success in the Canadian business arena, your company will surely need to have a strong focus on communication processes. You need to connect with clients in an overseas market, and make them notice your organization in a positive way.

Well, the best way to establish your new business in Canada is to invest in a Canada virtual phone number as getting a local number will make your company accessible to customers and furnish a smooth two-way interaction between company stakeholders. Virtual phone numbers are the future of telecommunications- in fact, research has proven that VoIP technology can help business organizations save up to 90% on their phone bills.

There is no doubt that virtual phone systems are getting more and more popular – it has grown at the massive rate of over 180% in the last ten years. Companies all over the globe are harnessing the power of virtual phone numbers to increase their performance indicators and curate a more personalized consumer experience.

If you have a new small business in any business hub of Canada such as Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, it is high time to get a Canada phone number. Here are five major reasons that you need a Canada virtual phone number for your startup:

  • Accessibility: A Canada virtual phone number is an ideal platform to stay available to all your valued customers round the clock. Since it is an automated voice system, they can connect to an extension number or department through a virtual assistant, thereby resulting in quick query resolution. So get a Canada phone number for your startup to stay connected and pump up customer satisfaction levels!
  • Better Customer Service: There is nothing more important for an entrepreneur than to engage clients and provide the ultimate brand experience to them! cloud based Virtual phone systems can help your organization enhance staff training, facilitate two-way communication, and augment superior service levels in every aspect of your organizational practices.
  • Professional Image: Your Canada virtual phone number can ensure that your startup has a professional business image and makes a good impression on your prized customers. It is possible to record personalized greeting message on your Canada phone number that will definitely help your organization develop a better rapport with clients!
  • Cost-Savings: Cutting down on costs and saving pennies is a vital aspect for any new business. Kick-start your business profits by getting a Canada virtual phone number that will reduce your phone bills by more than half – it is a miraculous tool that can help your small business gain huge monetary benefit in the long run!
  • Higher Productivity: Your Canada phone number is a great solution to increase team collaboration and mobility – your team members and managers can remain in touch from any geographical location through virtual phone systems. A virtual phone system is a sure shot way to escalate your productivity and routine operational efficiency to get to the top of the corporate ladder!

It is important for your startup to build your local Canadian client base and establish your company as a trustworthy player in their economy. Your new business can accrue gigantic advantages by getting a Canada virtual phone number – radical features such as call forwarding, scheduling, interactive voice response and call recording are bound to streamline internal communication processes.

The market is today flooded with a number of virtual phone service providers – take out time, research about your organizational requirements, and make a clear choice to invest in a suitable software package. Check out CallHippo’s various plan options – bronze, silver, and platinum that can be further personalized to cater to your specific business needs.

Make sure to choose a pricing plan that fits within your company budget – CallHippo provides affordable solutions and you can buy your Canada phone number at a starting price of only $6. There is no complicated installment procedure, and setting up your virtual phone system will only take a few precious minutes. All your staff members will be easily able to utilize a virtual phone number – it requires no technical expertise or long training sessions.

It is time to stop thinking and get into action – leverage the potential of a Canada phone number to get a competitive edge in the Canadian business circle. Your clients will appreciate your startup and you will definitely gain a loyal following instantly. So do not delay and get your Canada virtual phone number – it will be the best business decision that will increase your bottom line profits to the pinnacle of success!

Author Bio:- Diwakar CHaturvedi is the Product Manager at Callhippo, an Inc. 275 company. CallHippo is an on-demand Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service Providers. CallHippo allows startups and businesses to Virtual Phone Numbers from over 190+ countries around the world Like US VIrtual Phone Numbers, UK Virtual Phone Numbers and many more. With our easy to use interface and robust backend architecture any business can setup their call center within less than 3 minutes.

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