Starting Business: 10 Excellent Ideas from New York

New York is considered to be the city that never sleeps, and not only party-goers and taxi drivers don’t sleep – business is also constantly active there. It’s not a secret that such popular business-ideas as health food delivery service, car rental in  New York or online hotel reservations have long been popular. However, in New York many new businesses with new concepts appear literally every day, making the city the epicenter of innovative business solutions. So, do you want to get to know about some of them? Here are 10 interesting business ideas that work successfully in New York and which can be taken as a basis for opening your own business.

KiwiSweat Fitness Club

A unique fitness company, working in New York, organizes various sports trainings, which are held in the most unexpected places in the city. For example, club members may be invited to practice yoga under the Brooklyn Bridge, on the city’s largest square, in the park, or even on the beach. Another unexpected moment of the KiwiSweat Fitness Club is that the training schedule and the venue are kept secret from customers long before the event begins.

Carla Brooklyn Bridge

(photo by Scott Lamoreaux)


Culture Yoghurt Shop

The store, which was opened in New York, specializes in the sale of homemade yogurt. The store offers its customers both fresh and frozen homemade yogurt of various assortments. In addition to direct sales from the store, the owners created their own website, where everyone can order products along with the delivery.


Nitehawk Cinema

An interesting cinema was opened in New York on one of Brooklyn’s Avenues. The cinema is innovative, because in addition to the usual viewing of new movies, customers are offered food and drinks right there when watching a movie. In front of each seat of the spectator there is a table, which can be used for eating and drinking during the cinema session. In addition, Nitehawk was one of the first establishments managed to violate the ban on alcohol in cinemas.

Theater 1 at Nitehawk Cinema

(photo by Caliper Studio)


Vaute Couture – clothing store for animal lovers

Vaute Couture is a store that sells high-quality light industry goods, targeting vegans and animal lovers. The owner of the store is a vegan. When creating clothing models, he doesn’t use materials of animal origin, such as, for example, leather or fur. Also, he develops a great number of new types of fabrics and fibers to create interesting designer outfits.


The Little House Boutique

The Little House is a boutique selling women’s and men’s clothes. The innovation of the idea is that the owners of the company have tried to radically change the trading concept of ordinary clothing stores. Here the client can feel at home, and much freer than in a simple store. This concept allows you to make shopping really unique and personal. The store has its own website, which presents all the goods available to customers at the moment.


The Meatball Shop

The Meatball Shop is an innovative restaurant, focused on the sale of meatballs. Meatballs are the main concept of the restaurant, and most of the dishes in the menu of this establishment are all sorts of minced meat. In addition to meatballs, cooked in different forms, the most suitable drinks as well as other delicious side dishes are selected, which perfectly harmonize with the main course.

You would think there is only one restaurant in NYC with a name like this one

(photo by Ed Yourdon)


‘My.Suit’ Tailoring Shop

‘My.Suit’ is an innovative store that specializes in tailoring and selling tailor-made suits. The innovation of the business lies in the fact that the client can create his future costume himself, by choosing a style from a dozen offers, as well as select the composition and type of fabric from hundreds of samples, and add any parts for his requirements. Also, ‘My.Suit’ has its own application, where the customer can order the tailoring of a future suit.

If necessary, you will be helped to take measurements right in the office, or at home, or by entering your own measurements into the form on the website.


RedFarm Chinese Restaurant

RedFarm is a Chinese high-end restaurant that offers innovative dishes to its customers. The uniqueness of the restaurant lies in the fact that the dishes served there are very unusual and bizarre. For example, you can try dumplings in the form of small colored ghosts, or cheesecake in the form of a mouse.


SoulCycle Cycling Club

The innovation of the club is that it offers its visitors a fitness program that overturns all ideas about using an exercise bike. The club offers its visitors a variety of intensity trainings with a wide variety of music, choreography, as well as interesting master classes that make the training exciting and not ordinary.

Soulcycle Retail At Brickell Heights

Story Shop

At first sight, Story seems to be an ordinary store, but its unique concept suggests the opposite opinion. The innovation of the idea is that the shop’s specialization changes every 4-6 weeks. In each new period, the interior and goods of the store are changing dramatically. In this way, store owners try to present as many market products as possible and to interest the buyers with their unusual approach.

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