3 Apps That Will Help You Decide Whether You Should Go On A Road Trip or Not

3 Apps That Will Help You Decide Whether You Should Go On A Road Trip or Not


With the ease and convenience of other modes of transport such as flying or traveling by train, people may argue that road trips are not the best way to travel. I beg to differ. You see road trips aren’t just a means to an end. They are an experience.

Aside from the obvious fact that they happen to be considerably cheaper than the aforementioned modes of transport, they are inarguably one of the best ways to travel and bond with your family/friends at the same time.

They also give you more control over how you want your trip to work out with the options to adjust as you move along. If you happen to be someone who shares my point of view and would like to go on a road trip, here are 3 essential apps that will help make things easy for your journey.


Having the right vehicle such as a camper van is imperative for a comfortable road trip. The last thing you need is to be traveling hundreds of miles in an uncomfortable vehicle.

Conversely, having an ideal car can make the journey a soothing and memorable experience of your life.  When we buy any car, we do so keeping usage in mind. Since most people don’t take road trips that often, they tend to own cars that may not be suitable for such excursions.

You’d need a car that is comfortable and has a smooth drive. You may not feel it in short distances but take it from me, if there is less leg room, cramps, and general discomfort are a real possibility. Ideally, the car you choose for your road trip should also have great mileage so that your fuel costs are minimized.

Enterprise is amongst the top names in car rental services in the world. If you haven’t already heard of them, they are a US based ‘Rent-a-Car’ service that started operations in 1957. They now operate in over 85 countries.

They offer a wide variety of cars, and you are sure to get the vehicle you need. You could use their website or better yet, simply download their easy to use the phone app and expedite the process. With this app, finding a nearby rental branch and booking a suitable car is just a few taps away.

Once you develop a taste for road trips, you may consider buying a car specifically suited for that purpose instead of renting it every time. For this, you may need to sell your previous vehicle. Many services will take your old car off your hands, such as this one.

Google Maps:

After you’ve picked the car you like, you’ll need an app to help you along your journey – something that guides you through every step of the way. Google Maps is pretty much a no-brainer in this regard.

It’s incredibly accurate with routes and updates them in real time to make sure you take the shortest possible course with the least amount of traffic.

You can search up the location of anything from nearby restaurants, to general stores, ATMs/banks, hotels and so much more. Not only that, you can also look up exciting tourist attractions near your location and start your journey to that place.

Simply put, with Google Maps at hand, you’ll never be lost no matter where you decide to go.

Google Maps is a complete travel companion that you are sure to find it extremely useful and convenient on the go.

Hotel Tonight:

Ever loved something so much that you think to yourself “I just can’t get enough of this!”? Well, if you love long drives, if you enjoy cruising through open highways and if you cherish the feeling of driving towards the horizon, know that at some point you will get tired.

Not only will you get physically exhausted if you drive for a long time, but you are also more likely to get mentally drained. If that happens and you lose focus behind the wheel, it can be extremely dangerous.

That’s why it is extremely necessary to keep changing drivers after every few hours if possible and take an adequate number of stops along the way. Believe it or not, no matter how comfortable the car is, even the passengers need to get out and take a break after a while.

You may thus find yourself deciding to call it a night with no place to stay as you’ve made no prior arrangement. You need not worry because Hotel Tonight has your back!

Started in 2011, Hotel Tonight is a mobile app-based service that allows you to find suitable accommodation even at the last minute.

You can choose to book up to 7 days in advance, but what makes this app perfect for road trips is that it provides special deals and discounts to those who need to book a place to stay at the eleventh hour.

This way you can choose to go as far as you like and when you feel it’s enough for the day, simply pull out the app, and within moments you’re set for the night.

Hotel Tonight gives you the ease of keeping your travel schedule flexible without needing to worry about a place to stay for the night. This makes it a prerequisite for anyone on a road trip.


For me personally, the best part about road trips is the adaptability of it all. Unlike a preplanned tour where your flights are already arranged, your hotel rooms booked, etc. you have much more control over your schedule and what experiences you’d like to enjoy.

Basically, it just feels more fluid and flexible. You can decide on the spot to divert from your original plan and literally change routes. Road trips bring out the explorer in you. All this added to the fact that you have more time to connect with your travel buddies along the way. With the aforementioned apps, which have brought road trips to the modern era, you are bound to have a seamless experience if you do ever go on one.

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