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5 Reasons Ventilation Is Vital To Your Data Centre

5 Reasons Ventilation Is Vital To Your Data Centre

Data centres are the key to a perfect working environment, in particular, if you are an IT company, chances are that your servers are working 24/7 in a small space. To ensure that you are doing the right thing, these are the 5 reasons why ventilation is a must in these kinds of spaces.

Servers’ Temperature

These machines are processing a lot of data every second, reason why they are easily subject to overheating, which is the main cause of malfunctions. To resolve this, a simple solution would be installing quality industrial ventilation systems that keeps the overall space’s temperature under control. Keep in mind that these are not usual desktop computers and the amount of processing done is far more complex, that is why having an environmental form of ventilation is always the best practice.


The biggest factor, after viruses, that kills computers is dust, no doubts. To prevent dust to accumulate in your data centre space, having constant ventilation (in particular close to the floor) is the best practice. Also, having your ventilation close to the floor will push the dust in corners, making it easier to clean.

To Avoid “The Closet Effect”

Many data centres are just closets. This might sound alright to you: “yeah, in the end, these are just computers, no one needs to go in there. That is the worst possible decision when it comes to planning a server room or a data centre: since manutention is fundamental at least once a week, technicians (and in general everyone who has to go there) must be able to breathe properly and work in a hygienic environment.


It is important to understand the bit already listed with “The Closet Effect”: having a ventilation system in a data centre or a server room will keep the air clean for your colleagues who must go there. First of all, that is usually not a busy room but when it needs fixing, it will be. It’s super important to keep this in mind.

During Summer

Not only for servers but also for technicians and people working in it, having a good ventilation architecture will help during the hottest days of the year, that is a fact. Whether if it’s fan-based or following the new magnetic implementation, having good ventilation from June to August is a must.

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