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Being A Fair Employer

Being A Fair Employer

As a manager or business owner that controls the employment and staff issues, one of the hardest things to experience is the sacking of an employee. Whether they aren’t performing well or they are causing a disruption to the business, you need to prioritise the needs of the business over a staff’s inability to benefit the business.

Naturally, most employers will try and salvage their investment on training the employee in question and offer them additional feedback to improve, but there always becomes a point when it isn’t working. Once you have exhausted all avenues to help the employee, it will be time to let them go so the business can flourish once again.

It’s important not to make any quick or rash decisions, evaluating your employees on an individual basis is important as most people’s situations are different. If an individual is just having a bad month, its key to speak to them first and try to create improvement before you act negatively. There are hundreds of different scenarios to consider with an employee that can affect their work, if your employee is on a UK visa and gets fired is can change there living situation greatly, making sure it’s the correct procedure is important. Giving them the opportunity to redeem themselves is the right thing to do as an employer.

A Change in Behaviour

Working for a small business, it easy to spot when someone isn’t working correctly or efficiently, it’s vital you address their actions early to avoid the problems continuing and slowing the businesses targets down.

Finding out the reason for the problems usually sorts the issues out naturally, looking into whether they don’t enjoy their role, the workload is too much or they are being distracted, knowing can help with optimising their role for the company. If you get to the core, the next steps are fairly simple, you can make changes for them and the business if it benefits both parties, or you can give them guidance in changing their opinion on matters.

If poor behaviour or performance continues, it’s time to take a more severe approach. Showing authority and letting the employee know that their actions aren’t acceptable might help in changing their attitude and work ethic. Some employee will try to take advantage if they can see the system isn’t working well, if they try to push the boundaries it needs to be acknowledged.

Reduced Productivity

The productivity from any member of staff is a key indicator of how they work and whether they enjoy and respect the business. If it’s just a case that they are enjoying the job but underperforming, it’s important to focus on training and helping them to improve. If an employee isn’t enjoying the job or it’s pulling their weight, it’s not as likely that they improve, however, with the right guidance you might be able to help them see the career in a new light.

It’s essential to spot whether an employee is going through a rough patch at work or at home and not to react too hastily. Giving warnings and feedback to employees in bad situations can cause a poor react and it can begin to affect the businesses morale, identify the reason before you make any decisions.

Business Morale

It takes time to build a good office morale and this can be ruined in an instant, it can come for you firing a likeable person too quickly or from an individual lowing morale themselves. It’s usually easy to figure out if morale is down and finding out the cause is essential for helping spirits become positive again.

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