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6 Apps That Are Changing The Way Medical Industry Works

6 Apps That Are Changing The Way Medical Industry Works

Digitalization is revolutionizing the medical industry. Thanks to emerging technologies, medical apps have become the future of the medical industry. According to research by BCC, mobile healthcare industry would be worth $21.5bn by 2018.

These apps offer speed, convenience, and greater efficiency. They also assist with medicines, monitoring of medical conditions at home, and information sharing. As of 2016, there were 165,000 healthcare apps available at the consumers’ disposal.

Here are six apps that are reshaping the traditional ways of the medical industry:

1. Epocrates

Epocrates is one useful drug reference app with a huge database of information regarding medicines. Users can search for medicines according to their generic or brand name. They can also research via a list of conditions.

The app also shows treatment options.  Other than that, users can also check the dose required, its side effects, price, manufacturers’ information, safety recommendations and photos for identification. There is also a black box section that shows any warnings that are issued with the drugs.

Some interesting features of the app include drug interaction and pill checker. Users can list many medications and check a total number of interactions with all drugs. Pill identifier, on the other hand, allows users to enter some information about unknown pills and find related drugs.

Users can make a free account on the app and get access to medical news and clinical information. The paid version gives access to ICD-10 code lookup, treatment guidelines, and disease database and costs $174.99/yr.

2. MyChart

MyChart is one of the most popular apps in the App Store. It is basically a healthcare management app that allows you to keep track of your medical records online. You can check what vaccinations you have taken and the medicines you have been prescribed. The app also allows you to communicate with your doctors and healthcare team. You can send a message to your doctor and receive a response in only a short amount of time.

Moreover, you can make requests for medicine refills with just one click. The app also allows you to schedule your appointments and order medicines online. You no longer need to wait to pick up your test results; with MyChart you can easily access them online. The notification center gives you alerts about your family as well.

The app can be easily synced with Apple’s health app, and data can be transferred to it.

3. PingMD

PingMD is a secure digital care platform that allows health experts to communicate with their patients and other professionals. You can easily send texts, audio, and images to your health consultant through this app. The app is also HIPAA compliant, so you don’t need to worry about security.

PingMD began as a platform that allowed parents to communicate with pediatricians. Since then, it has grown to include other uses as well. What’s more, it’s usage has also eliminated the need for phone calls and 800 numbers. According to Kenny Kinley, CIO of Arkansas Heart Hospital, the app saves around one to two hours a day.

The app was recently updated to include two new features for effective coordination. Consultants can now schedule and pool their services. Also, they can create custom forms and send those to patients for clinical status.

4. FollowMyHealth

FollowMyHealth is yet another app that allows you to actively manage your health. It is a cloud-based portal that integrates with all the systems in a healthcare organization and gives patients a single point of access to all information.

With the app, you can easily review your medical records without worrying about security. You can also communicate with your doctor privately, check your test results and read any notes written by your doctor.

The app also allows you to schedule appointments, request refills and fill up required forms before your visit. You can also easily pay bills and manage your insurance policies. With this app, you can keep track of your friends and family’s health as well.

5. Isabel

Isabel is a diagnostics app for iOS and Android. The app helps doctors with diagnosis when they are presented with a challenging case. It has two main components: IDCS and knowledge center.

The IDCS system provides consultants with a quick list of potential diagnoses and drugs. Whereas, the knowledge component goes a step further and includes information related to each suggestion. It also tries to answer any specific questions that arise during the process.

The app’s database contains over 11,000 diagnoses and 4,000 drugs. The app is reliable because its results have been validated by studies published in different medical journals. Also, it is the only app that is interfaced with electronic medical records.

You can download the app for free. However, access to its database will cost you $10.99 per month or $119.99 per year.

6. Read by QxMD

Read is perhaps the best app to access all medical research and journals in one place. It is absolutely free, and you can gain access to plenty of content via it. Some journals, however, may require you to pay. It is an ideal app for physicians who want to keep themselves up to date about their fields.

The app has My Followed Collections, under which you can follow and browse the public collection of citations. My Followed Keywords allows you to create alerts based on keywords. You can also highlight, underline and make notes in an article. Plus, you can rate, post comments and even share articles on social media.

In the past, healthcare companies were mostly about healthcare equipment and drugs, but now the focus has shifted towards apps. Although medical apps have made life easier for patients as well doctors, they come with their own challenges such as privacy issues and data hacking.

According to a review by Privacy Rights Clearing House, most medical apps send data without encryption. However, regardless of the disadvantages, medical apps are taking the medical industry by storm. People are adopting them with great enthusiasm, as they empower users, reduce medical costs and save time.  AirG spam free apps are an excellent option.

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