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How the Internet has Evolved Entertainment Experiences

When it comes to modern life, the internet has changed everything in a major way. Whether it is in your work or personal life, you will use it for so many things. Indeed, so crucial is it to your daily life, it would be unthinkable to be without it.

One area in which the internet has really proved a game-changer is the entertainment experiences we enjoy. The ability to connect and interact online has meant that we now stay entertained in a very different way to even 20 years ago.

What specific entertainment experiences have changed? 

In some ways, it is easier to say what hasn’t changed. Entertainment has seen a major shift in not only how it operates but also how we use it. Here are some sectors that felt the wind of change:

  • Social media – one entertainment pastime that can only exist because of the internet is social media. This is a massive way that we can be amused and interact with friends on channels like Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook having over 2 billion users in Q1 of 2018, it is one entertainment niche that looks likely to grow in the future.
  • Music – humans have loved to use music to pass the time since they could bang some bones together and say ‘Ooooh’. Pre-internet, it was vinyl albums, CDs and tapes on physical stereo systems in your room. Post-internet, however, is very different. Music is now streamed online to mobile devices and Wi-Fi technology helps you to play it via portable, wireless speakers. The way we access music has changed as it is now readily available online via the many music streaming services out there.
  • TV and movies – the internet has meant that you no longer need to go out to the cinema to watch a film or wait for it to be released on video to watch it at home. Internet technology now makes it possible to stream movies to your mobile device and watch them on there instead, wherever you are. In the same way, TV streaming services like Netflix allow you to use the internet to watch TV shows on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Playing video or casino games – since they were first invented, both video and casino games have been popular ways to stay entertained. With the invention of the internet, the way you could do this changed massively. Video games can now be played online against people in other countries, which is amazing. Impressive online casino sites, of which is a prime example, now mean you don’t have to get dressed up and go out to enjoy your favorite casino games.

Impact of internet for entertainment is huge 

When you look at your entertainment experiences pre and post-internet, it is clear to see how much has changed in that time. The ways we are entertained now are much different, both in what you can do, and also how you access the traditional ways to stay amused. With VR and AR tech on the horizon, it will be very interesting to see how things play out in the future.


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