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How To Avoid Hacking Activities

How To Avoid Hacking Activities

Everybody can be the victims of hacking activities. Well, the great news is that most of the successful hacking caused by our clumsiness as the users. Here some steps you can do to avoid any hacking attack:

Ignore Phishing Emails

More than a hundred million phishing emails sent to million email addresses. They usually come in your inbox with attractive content, urgent suggestion, and curiously engaging. There will be a link included in the text, encourage you to click it. These emails also emulate popular domain as their email address to show up the credibility of the emails, but they’re actually not.

Ignore Smishing Text

Once you install internet protection or security, you need to activate and update it. It’s due to the fact that new viruses are developed and launched every day. Not updating your security software make your computer more vulnerable.

Avoid any suspicious sites, if you have to visit it, then you need to check the validation certificate. If it’s ok, you can certainly continue visiting the websites. Some browsers don’t have this tools, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have this tool, use one of them.

Manage Password

At this point, you’ll need to maintain your passwords well utilize the two-factor authentification. Leave your computer free from password storage. You’ll need to recreate and vary the passwords for such period of time using minimum 20 characters.

Ignore Phantom Messages

There are times when your friends respond the emails that you never sent before. The phantom messages usually contain a trapping link along with the tempting description. Be careful in reading and clicking, watch your finger, the risk of being trapped is increased as you’re in hurry or simply clumsy.

Ignore Computer Locking

The mode of this hacking is by showing you the notification about the authority find your device is attacked by a virus. The pop up will be terrifying and convincing you about the deadly virus in your computer and require to click the button to solve the problem. Once you click it, your computer will be locked by ransomware, they usually require to pay a certain amount to open the lock. But once you pay it, nothing will happen.

It can be concluded that hacking activities or viruses can be avoided instead of maintained. The best way to avoiding hacking is by taking precautions and thinking carefully before clicking any link or visual button.

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