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Instagram as a Marketing Channel: The Surge of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Today’s trend means everyone wants plump lips, and many have no issue with having their lips injected in the pursuit of a perfect look. With non-surgical procedures becoming as common as a trip to the hairdressers, dermal fillers seem to be the trademark of our generation. An increase in the focus on looks thanks to the rise of the selfie means people are increasingly conscious of their appearance, and head towards these procedures for the answers to their insecurities. Worryingly, there is a huge lack of regulation in the country, meaning that often unqualified therapists are carrying out these treatments. People are always advised to visit a reputable and fully qualified aesthetic clinic for their treatments to dramatically decrease the chance of implications. So, how exactly is Instagram used to help bring in new clients?


People are increasingly searching for the perfect look, and for many people, this can be the signature ‘Kardashian’ look. Small waist, a big bum and the perfect pout are in high demand, and can be achieved without having to go under the knife. Dermal fillers can offer the plump lips, freezing technology can remove body fat, and exercise simulation technology can simultaneously burn fat and increase muscle. People are embracing the curvy Kim K look, and moving away from fascinations with being thin from the 90’s. Many people actually take pictures of their idols to appointments in a hope of tapping into the lives and the look of these celebrities.


Although it is clear that celebrities such as the Kardashians have had work done, it is rare that they discuss and even more rare that they promote it. It is more difficult for people to relate to celebrities who have tens of millions of followers, and so often aesthetic companies make use of smaller influencers, with perhaps a few hundred thousand followers, who customers may be able to relate to more closely. These influencers are often from normal walks of life but have the opportunity to live glamorous lives through Instagram. They can have a great amount of power over their followers. Our generation has grown up being consistently plugged into social media, with issues of body confidence even higher than ever. So, for many, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are the answer to these problems. This marks a change in the concept of celebrity, with social media celebrities having unprecedented influence.


Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are no longer a taboo subject and have become completely normalised. Procedures such as dermal fillers are helping people and making dramatic improvements to their confidence and self worth. For people who are wanting to find a solution to their issues surrounding confidence, Instagram can function as a space to see the results people have from non-surgical procedures and make informed decisions about whether it is right for them. As previously mentioned, it is of paramount importance to go to qualified medical professionals for any treatment for your own safety as well as getting a more effective treatment. So, although Instagram can be criticised for being a platform that encourages these procedures, it seems to be a popular opinion that if people are unhappy with themselves and want to make changes, they should be able to.

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