Sound Sleep in Nature! Hot Is It Possible?

The idea of sleeping under the stars in the out-of-doors looks like a magic dream. Do you like camping? Where do you want to go? How about the best camping place in America – Wichita Mountains? This mountainous area offers a variety of camping opportunities. Doris Campground is the best for group reservations. Go to the website to rent a car first! The car is needed to get to your camping place. Minivans are mostly popular for big companies. Also, you can take a camper van to live in the car, not in the tent. The beauty of camping is spending time outdoors. Nevertheless, it can be not as quiet and comfortable as you thought before. Your fresh and healthy weekend becomes the biggest disaster when you can’t sleep the whole night.

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  1. Take a good sleeping bag

You can find different kinds of sleeping bags. Not all of them are the same. If you are going for a trip for few days, it’s not enough to take a sleeping bag from the nearest shop. It must be a kind of professional gear. So, you can divide them into two groups:

Camping bags: they are wide, comfortable and can be easily transformed into a big blanket. This kind of bag is recommended for all campers, especially if you are afraid of cold nights.

Sleeping bag: this kind of bag is in the form of cocoon. They are light and compact. These bags are perfect for hikers and runners. So, pick the right sleeping bag depending on the situation so that you can have a comfortable and healthy sleep.

  1. Take additional sleeping gear

A good sleeping bag isn’t enough for having good rest at night. You need more things to sleep better like pillows and air-beds. Also, you can by a sleeping pad. There are many kinds of different air pads and all of them have their positive and negative features. Whatever you choose, you should put it on the floor of your tent to make it soft and comfortable to sleep. Speaking about pillows, you can take your favorite home pillow with you to sleep with but it will not be as easy to carry as an air pad. You can press it and put in your backpack.

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  1. Buy ear plugs

How do you think the nature sounds? Spending time at a wild place like national park or mountain camping can be not so calm and quiet as you wish, especially at night. It’s not a problem to buy a pair of ear plugs to block the noise. Also, you can upload a special app on your smartphone to create a pleasant music environment around. Do you really want to discharge your phone battery that fast? Blocking noise is the best way to have a good healthy sleep.

  1. Pick a good place for camping

How to pick a good camping place? Just pick a clean space, soft and grassy, and put your tent on it. Try to look around. Is there anything that makes noise and wakes you up every time you are falling asleep? Don’t be afraid to move around that place and explore it. If you bought a place in the camping, try to put your tent far from noisy neighbors. Sleeping on a hill, always put your head upper than your body. Also, put a flashlight near at hand when sleeping.

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  1. Be aware of insects and mosquitos

Make sure that your tent is safe and well without any holes. It is enough to protect your company from insects. To get more protections you can put a mosquito net. Also, spread lavender or bug spray around.

  1. Drink some tea

To get healthy sleep you can take healthy food first. How about tea? You should take a cup of chamomile or lavender tea. Herbal tea is especially good because it has no caffeine. A cup of warm aromatic tea makes you ready to sleep.

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  1. Eat light

Don’t eat much before sleep! If you are hungry you can take some fruit-and-nut snacks. The snacks are easy to carry and pack. No alcohol! No caffeine! If you want to drink some beer or wine in a good company, you can drink it in the first part of the day. You cannot sleep well because of alcohol and fat food.

Do you think you are well prepared for camping? Even if you think so, you should check all your preparations once again. It’s a usual thing when people can’t sleep well on nature because of many factors like noise, fear, friends, minimum comfort. Just calm up! Try to breathe deep and practice yoga. Do you like reading? If reading can relax you and help to sleep, you should take a book or e-book and a flashlight. It is important to make your environment comfortable if you want to sleep well.

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