Useless Gadgets You Should Sell or Throw Away Right Now!

Look around! Your house is full of different gadgets! Do you really need them all? Of course, you bought them many years ago when all those gadgets were popular and pretty new. They made your life easier. What is now? Your desk looks like a storage room, full of computer hardware, old laptops, mobile phones, USB card readers that you will never use again. Why? You have modern gadgets instead that can help you in the same way but take less space.

How? Let’s see…your smartphone combines many functions all together, including a phone, laptop, TV. What is more, you can applaud different mobile apps on your phone to control your life spheres. Just click here and you may get a car for rent every time you need it! Again, you may lock the door, control your bank account or book a table for this night.



Throw It Away!

Think first, some of your old gadgets can bring you some money! There are many services you can sell your old devices to. Now, check your drawer. Here is the list of things you definitely don’t need.


Do you think you still need your printer? Why did you buy it? Of course, it looks very useful when you are a student and need to print your essays and course papers. But let’s think about it deeper. You need a printer for a year, no more. There are many studios and services where you can print your photos and papers faster and with better quality. They can even send those pictures to your place and you don’t even need to go out. What is more, you can use special applications for your phone to automate the process of reading. You don’t need to print the papers. You can save them and read from your phone!

HP 7310 printer



Oh, the situation is the same as you have with your printer. Why do you need a scanner? You probably needed it for digitizing texts and photos. What do you have now? Look at your phone camera! You can do the same with the help of your camera! It is free and also a good quality. By the way, you may take a picture of something and send that document by e0mail or in a message whenever you need. If you need to scan texts very often, it is better to buy a phone with a good camera to make professional pictures. There are also special programs to help you to convert your pictures to editable PDFs. And you don’t need to service a scanner.

Fax Machine

Why do you need a fax? Actually, the fax was used to send documents. There was no any other way to do it! But it’s pointless now! First of all, the most of the documents are created in digital form only! So, it is better to send them by e-mail! Otherwise, you need a printer to print the document first! You phone or laptop is all you need! It is much easier in service than a fax machine and much comfortable to use. There is one more advantage! You can receive or send messages from everywhere, even on the go. No need to look for a fax!



Landline Phone

Why do you still keep a landline phone? Probably it is for 911 calls. There is no need in the landline now as you can use your smartphone. You may use such an option as geolocation and emergency services know where you are. There are input tools that can send emergency messages every time you push special button on your phone. GPS will always help you to find the right way in case you miss the road. It’s not a problem, as your phone is always with you. What if your battery dies? It’s not a problem to check the battery or borrow another phone. Anyway, you landline apparatus cannot help you. There are many functions in your smartphone that work without internet or coverage. Again, you landline phone cannot help you.

iPhone Mobile Smartphone

Do you have many useless gadgets in your home? Don’t worry to check them all out if they are in a good working condition or not. Don’t be in a hurry to throw them away. If the gadgets are good working, you can easily sell them or give to charity funds or people, who don’t have such a cool and modern smartphone as yours. Stick with your phone and try to use it every time you need to send a message, receive a letter, write and edit your essay or print pictures. What is the sense of it? It just helps you to make your home free from useless gadgets that you definitely keep in the drawer to collect the dust!

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