Why Should You Think About Investing in React Native Development?


As the mobile market competition is rising, it has become imperative for the brands and developers to focus on both the popular platforms. One can’t get the desired outcomes by targeting a particular platform. But, is this so easy?

If you talk about mobile app development for individual platforms, it consumes a higher amount of time, efforts and costs due to the variation in the two platforms. However, this can be easily done with the help of React Native development.

Created by Facebook, React Native is a cross-platform development framework that enables you to target a wider audience without compromising on quality or cost. It lets the developers build an app that runs on multiple platforms without any glitch, and ultimately, enjoy higher app visibility and revenue generation.

From Walmart to Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Airbnb, and UberEats – all the popular brands have invested in React Native development to build a better future. But, if you are still wondering how could React Native make a difference, here are some of the advantages of React Native framework:

Less Complexity

In React Native development, a complex mobile app can be designed in the form of different smaller, individual building blocks that are manageable, concise and work with a higher level of abstraction. The outcome of this is an efficient, less complex and clean development process.

Most of the startups and Fortune 500 firms are turning towards React Native mobile application development only because of this approach.

Higher Performance

When it comes to Cross-platform app development, you can build an app that runs on different platforms. But, you can’t match the speed of Native codes, especially in case of animated content. However, this is not in the case of React Native app development. The framework offers the facility for animation playback at 60fps, even in the case of calculation-intensive apps. This way, the React Native platform boosts the performance of the app developed.

Impressive Native Experience

This framework enables the mobile app development teams to easily utilize GPS and other native device features, making the React Native app offer impressive native experience to the end users.

Code Reusability and Cost Saving

React Native enables you to reuse the same code for building an Android and iOS app. The top mobile app development companies claim that nearly 85% of the code can be reused. Only 15% of the code associated with the app layout and customer experience needs to be rewritten. This cut down the efforts required for development and so, the mobile app development cost.

Ease of Learning

React Native uses Flexbox layout engine which enables the developers to proceed with the mobile application development process to without having extensive knowledge of both Android and iOS platforms.

Modular and Intuitive Architecture

The React Native mobile development framework has a modular and intuitive architecture. This makes it easier for any mobile app developer to dig into other’s code, understand the logic and build better app version. Likewise, the tester can easily build test scenarios due to the flexibility React Native offers. This saves a lot of working hours that are used to maintain communication between the two parties and understand the complete app logic for further implementation.

Live Reload

Another advantage of choosing React native framework over other available options is Live Reload. As depicted from the name, the feature empowers developers to see the result of the changes made in real-time. This reduces the risk of errors as well as boosts the zeal for innovation; compelling users to experiment and learn new things.

Live Update

In React Native development, the app update does not go through the app store update cycle. With the use of JavaScript and integration of Microsoft’s live update services (CodePush), the React native app developers can push an update to the end user’s device directly. This fastens the update process while lowering down the hassle associated.


With the ease of development, native-experience and other such features, React Native platform has proven to be a great technology to turn towards. So, are you thinking of the same? Are you planning to invest in React Native development? If so, get in touch with the top React Native developers today itself.


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