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Writing An Essay About Disabilities: The Essentials

The term ‘disability’ translates to the meaning of, ‘difficulty in ability.’ Thus, the term implies a level of complexity faced by an individual in contrast to standard individuals. In former times, people with disabilities were treated harshly due to the lack of knowledge about their condition. However, in this contemporary era, extensive knowledge, research, and awareness have been in circulation about this subject matter.  In this day and age, the stigma of physical and mental disabilities has been eliminated from the minds of society, instead, the focus is directed towards providing acceptance and sycophancy towards people with disabilities.

Due to the historical treatment of people with disabilities, it is crucial to writing a disabilities essay with meticulous consideration in writing. For that reason, the following tips should be considered before writing a disabilities essay:

  • Avoid the use of offensive terminologies: When writing an essay about disabilities, the language used should be most focused. Following from this, the writer should write in a neutral, formal tone and avoid the use of informal or offensive terms that may cause harm to one’s feelings. Instead, the terminologies used should be respectful and objective. Furthermore, when writing about an individual with disabilities, the use of language should be utilized as a weapon of empowerment rather than of limitation. For instance, instead of writing “a person suffering from dyslexia is a slow learner,” one can write, “An individual with a learning disability such as dyslexia tends to require supplementary attention in an academic setting in contrast to their peers.”
  • Evade giving of labels: In addition to this, a disabilities essay should be written without the use of labels. Hence, instead of writing, ‘disabled people’ one should write, ‘people with disabilities.’ When the writer attaches labels, it creates a negative context and therefore implies an impairment in the individual rather than their abilities. Hence, it is vital to phrase sentences with careful consideration.
  • Use a five-paragraph structure: Similar to traditional essays, essays on the subject of disability should be written using the five paragraph structure. The introductory paragraph should give an outline of the topic along with a concise thesis statement. Next, the body paragraphs should be written to elaborate on evidence. Lastly, a conclusion should be written to finish the essay.
  • Provide examples: In an essay about disabilities, the supplementation of examples along with their evidence is important. Hence, one should provide references to historical and recent researches on the subject matter.
  • Proof-read and edit: Parallel to the process of any form of academic writing, it is extremely important to proofread and edit the essay. The distinguishing element on this subject matter is the special focus on the language. During the editing process, one should identify terms that may be offensive and consequently replace them.

Due to the sensitivity of the topic, it is essential to discuss the subject matter without the demonstration of prejudice or biased opinions. In case one lacks the writing skills to write an essay on this subject matter, they can refer to the facilities offered by Assignment Help UK.

All in all, when the essay is written by oneself, it should follow a neutral tone, follow the standardized structure and demonstrate coherency in its overall form.

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