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Aspects To Consider Before Purchasing 3D Pens

Aspects To Consider Before Purchasing 3D Pens

3D printing has made its own way while the 3D pen is gaining the popularity among millennials. The 3D pen allows you to build any model of building, vehicles, or other objects in a very doodle way. Today, there are various 3D pens available in the market, make sure they have these following features before you go on it:

1. Medias

As 3d pens use a type of plastic called filament to doodle your drawing, it’s very important that the 3d pens support various types of surface. There are 3D pens which support certain surfaces only. It should be responsive and comfort in your hand as you use it in any types of surfaces.

2. Temperatures

It may vary for each 3D pens where the environment temperature may influence pen performance. At this point, you need to carefully gather the information including the reviews about how several types 3D pen deal with temperatures. Commonly, 3D pen needs a cooler environment to provide the best result, consider where you will you use the pen mostly.

3. Quality Plastic

3d pens utilize these heating technologies to operate, the filament should be processed and come without disturbance. It’s possible that the 3D print produces a changed color sticky plastic. Thus, before purchasing any 3D pens check the reviews on this matter, or you’ll ruin your own expectation.

4. Heating and Cooling

The 3D pens operate with heating the filament inside the shell to produce plastic so you can doodle anything you want. As it gets overheated, the mechanism allows the pen to cool down before it can be used. You can certainly find 3D pens product that performs low time cooling. However, this point basically requires your wisdom, as you need to put a longer cooling time even though the pen has a fast cooling down feature.

5. Clogging

The cooling down of the 3D pen may generate clogging in the shell or container. You will have to remove the clogged part each time. This is certainly not a comfortable experience, which requires you use more materials which mean more money. Thus the clogging issue is one thing you should conform to the 3D Pens dealer before you purchase one.

In the end, the most important thing of purchasing 3D pens is that it should include a guarantee for a reasonable usage period, like a year guarantee. This allows you to confirm the specification for real and comfort use. You wouldn’t have to be worried about any damages occur in that period.

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