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Mobile App Release Optimization

Mobile App Release Optimization

Mobile application development and release involve a true hard work. When the release time comes, the hard work is certainly paid. However, the truth is that true work is begun as the app released. You don’t want it just to be released, but also reaching more audiences or users. There are several methods used to market your released app in the play store. These following mobile app marketing tips should be helpful:


Never dealy advertising your app. As the app released, there should be no delay that the first users can easily reach your app, download and install it so they can give an immediate review. More users will be attracted to your apps due to inspiring initial users. This will improve your ranking in the app store at a very beginning.


It’s very important to provide prospective users access to your app. At this point, optimization becomes a crucial method. The download number determines your search results ranking, boosting your apps within the store is inevitable. A higher rank will increase the possibility visitors download and install your app on their device. Your app won’t be downloaded as it’s not findable or visible to the prospective users.


Having a unique and attractive icon is required so users can find your apps distinctive from the others. App Store and Google Play Store have their own icon guidelines, make sure you read it. Avoid any similar icon as it would confuse the users or simply be categorized as a violation.


Analyzing the performance of your app is an important step. It will include the key performance indicators and you can’t exclude reviews or feedback from previous users. Improving your app will provide you reputation and credibility that potentially attract more visitors. In addition, any optimization and marketing methods should be done collaboratively to convert the visitors into app users.

External Traffic

Optimization in store ecosystem is important but not the only one. The common mistakes of app developers are that they completely ignore the external traffic driven to their app store page. In fact, external traffic, such as search engine drive a valuable visitors to your app page as it reaches a wider audience. They can easily navigate to your app page as it’s findable in their search result.

These steps are crucial to your app future. This can mean a lot more work to do, but it certainly provides you real benefits and success.

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