How to Start Your Small Business in 2 Steps!

Are you going to start your small business? Wow! This must be is the right way to get some extra money regularly and take your life under control. It’s not a difficult thing to do if you already have a job. Slow and steady wins the race – remember that! Let your business take a couple of hours. Ready? Of course, making business means you are always busy, have to get from one place to another quickly, look good and have interesting ideas. EZ rental in Puerto Rico is the most popular brand in America. You can find a good car for transportation for your everyday and business needs, traveling. Of course, you can catch a taxi but a good car will help you to meet new people and start new projects from whenever you are.

So, you don’t even need any employees, partners, special accommodation. Just make 2 IMPORTANT STEPS:

1 Step: Try to find a good idea you can start your business with

2 Step: Attract potential clients

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The first step is always the hardest one. It’s natural to start slowly and carefully. Honestly, the most popular reason why people are really scared to begin a new business is they just can’t find a good idea for that. It’s a kind of a high wall that you can’t step over. Why don’t you try to climb it? Where to start? Just find your strong points. Here are 4 main questions you should answer before you find out what kind of business you are going to try.

Are you a skilled person? Name your skills!

So, is there anything you are good at? This can be your skills and knowledge. Just think about it. People used pay much money for language courses, music classes, etc. Why don’t you try yourself in teaching? For example, you can give lessons in programming, languages, cooking.



What are you good at? Ask your friends!

What a good question it is! This really matters. Just send a message to your friends and family and ask them: What am I good at? You can be surprised by their answers. Besides you can make these answers your new business ideas. It can be sport training, fashion and style, shopping.

What do you usually do on Saturday morning?

Do you think it is a weird question? It is! What do you usually do on Saturday in the morning when everyone is sleeping? Your morning activity can tell a lot about your personality. For example, you like clothes. So, every Saturday you read fashion magazines, blogs. What about making designing and shopping your new business? There are many people who are ready to pay more than $500 for the Skype consultation. People can hire you as a shopper!

What services do you use often and pay for?

This is not about special talents and strong points. It’s about what do you usually buy? As a rule, we pay people for many different things. So, why do you think you can’t sell them all to others? Just make your online shop and sell everything you think can be interesting for people to buy it. For example, you like buying comic books. So, you can create a comic group on FB and sell comics. If you used to pay for home-made dinner, you can try yourself in cooking or baking. Think about it and you’ll get about 20 interesting ideas for future.

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What do you really think of finding clients? Are you ready for long nights of emailing and messaging? You have to work hard and big for finding clients! That’s true! But never give up. Don’t forget about your competitors! They are also working on their business development. What do you think of using such modern platforms as Craigslist? Honestly, this is the best place for attracting potential clients to your freelance business. You can meet a lot of people who always try to find a good freelance specialist for their needs. Your task is spending some time for creating your perfect CV and sending it to all who may be interesting in your service. It’s not only about Craigslist. You may use different internet resources for that. Just be ready for messaging.

So, Craigslist can be a good start. You can search and find many other interesting web platforms that freelancers can use for finding clients and developing business. You don’t need much! Try to use 2-3 websites to find up to 10-15 potential clients. That’s enough for this stage. You are ready for starting business.

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No more excuses…

It’s natural to have excuses for what we do and what we don’t do. You can easily find a lot of excuses for why you can’t find a good idea to start. It can be because of your poor imagination, bad friends, no car or proper accommodation. Just stop claiming and blaming others and make the first step. There is nothing to stop you from creating your small business and become rich! How rich? You can be rich enough for spending time for your needs, traveling, making your family happy. Good luck!

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