What Food to Serve for Business Lunch: TOP 6 Genius Ideas!

You are what you eat! That’s true! Planning a business meeting it is important to think of many different things, including a menu. Business world takes many efforts. First of all, try to rent a good car for your guests to meet them in the airport and take to the hotel. By the way, a hotel is also needed. Have a cultural program? You can rent a mini bus or 7-9 seater for a big company. Don’t worry about this point. You can solve your car rental problem with the help of in one click. What about the menu for dinner? There are many companies who are ready to serve a good corporative dinner for you. What do you know about it?

Business lunch is a great opportunity to get some energy before the meeting. It is better to book a lunch from professionals, cafe or restaurant that is ready to serve the table and save your time for strengthening the ties, finding new partners. Any ideas about the menu? Food company has more than one idea to save your business!

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  1. Grab and Go

Fast food restaurants are always popular for business lunch. The most popular American places are McDonald’s and Taco Bell. What makes them so popular? Of course, it is fast service and low prices. What do we have? You may choose. Open cuisine and attractive dishes! If you like hot, you can pick something from the glassy hot food unit. Those fresh panini, chicken wings, and cakes looks especially attractive! Bottled drinks are available right here. Even if you cannot find an open bar in the restaurant you should ask about ready-to-eat lunch menus. Look around! Everywhere, on the walls, posters, on the tables, on TVs you can see bright colorful booklets with all needed information about what is in the menu and prices. Grab and Go restaurants are good for a lunch when you don’t have much time and need to eat fast and deal with all business questions fast.

  1. Salad Bar

Salad bar offers to visitors to pick something from fresh home-made salads and pastas. You should pay and enjoy your light dinner. What about special lunch offers? The restaurants of this type are loyal to their clients. They develop interesting loyalty programs for big companies, permanent clients, first-time clients. It’s natural for restaurants to encourage activities, big dinner offers. Do you have a gift certificate? You can get one for $10 or get every tenth dinner for free. Tones of interesting offers!

Fresh salad Bar


  1. Brunch

It was scientifically proved that the most of the people prefer dinner to breakfast. They don’t have time for breakfast and prefer having it at home. Also, people come to the restaurant and order something from the breakfast menu in the middle of the day. This is called brunch and there are many restaurants that has interesting brunch proposals. So, what are you having for brunch?

  • One of the most popular dishes for brunch is egg Benedict.
  • Spicy omelets.
  • Toasts with avocado and other tops.
  • Porridge with milk.
  • Potato and jerked beef.

Maharlika Brunch


  1. Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the park sounds very attractive. You need a kind of portative dish that is easy to take away. There are many restaurants, located not far from the parks and gardens, which offer you to have a picnic outside. Just make an order. You dinner is served in a big paper bag with a nice striped cover that you can find right here in the restaurant. That’s very creative! Don’t forget about kids. If you need to have a talk with your partners but you don’t know what to do with your kids, go to the picnic. They will like grilled food and oat bread.

  1. Cocktails

Want a drink? Try to add something to drink to your lunch! What about cocktails? Oh, no, don’t even think about alcohol! It is better to add free-alcohol cocktails. Ingredients and fillers can be different according to your guests’ taste. What is the most popular to drink for lunch?

  • Lemonade: strawberry and mint lemonade is the most popular.
  • Punch (Toddy) made of hot tea, honey, lemon, spices.
  • Home-made syrup with mint, watermelon, citruses, rosemary.

Fresh Summer Cocktals


  1. Coffee Time

There are many people who prefer solve their important business questions at a coffee time. Of course, the key detail here is coffee. Just find the most popular coffee house in your city and book a table. It is important to have fresh aromatic coffee to drink and something tasty with it. If you don’t like coffee you can pick something light and sweet like ice coffee, cappuccino, milk coffee, caramel coffee.

You can find a lot of interesting ideas for a business lunch! How to pick one? Just think about time and location. Then you can easily decide what restaurants are available at your location and what your guests prefer the most. Of course, you are in charge, but don’t forget about your guests’ preferences. Happy luncheon!

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