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Things You Should Know About Link Pyramid

Things You Should Know About Link Pyramid

Any SEO professional and website owner would hate it if after a significant amount of effort that they allocate, they get near zero results. Website promotion should be made effective and you need to know what you are doing. Search engines are still the best way to bring traffic to your website and you can reach higher position in SERP only by having plenty of inbound links. Google take into account any of the high authority links that you have and they should contribute significantly to the success of your website. A link pyramid is essentially a structure for your links. With this, you should be able to find out links that come to your website from each niche. In general, you should make sure that everything is properly organized.

In general, you should make sure that you get only one way backlink and this should be good for your search engine ranking. However, you should know that a link that comes from a normal blog is different from the one that comes from a reputable .edu website. You should make sure that your list of backlist is properly balanced by the link pyramid rule;. Forums, article directories, blog comments, social media and others are considered as links with weak authority. With a pyramid, your links should be nicely structured. Again, this should allow you to know from which niche that a visitor comes from. It means that you can invest more on that traffic source. There are different levels in the link pyramid.

The bottom of your pyramid can be called the base links, which are typically the largest part of your pyramid. These links are considered the weakest, with links that come from blog comments, social media, social bookmarking pages, forums and others. In general, links that are easy to create or gain are considered the weakest. So, it is a normal thing if these links represent the majority of your backlinks. The mid-level position of your pyramid should have less links, but they need to have more values. As an example, these links can be obtained from reputable article directories that screen articles in their system, so the quality of the content can be assured. Links placed within the main body of content or blog post are also considered with mid-level authority.

At the very top of your pyramid, you have high quality links. It is difficult to obtain them, so normally, their number is small. However, they are essential to ensure that your website can be ranked well in search engine ranks. In general link pyramid is built like the actual pyramid. Ancient Egyptians started the construction by building the base portion of the pyramid, until they reach the summit of the structure. It means that after you have plenty low value links, people will start to notice your website and you will get mid-value links, then eventually high value ones. You can complete the construction of your link pyramid faster by having excellent content.

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