Travel Tips: 6 Effective Apps To Simplify Your Car Journey

Travel Tips: 6 Effective Apps To Simplify Your Car Journey

Applications for mobile devices have brought auto traveling to a qualitatively new level. Not surprisingly, because all the features of a small travel agency now easily fit in your pocket. GPS and maps, a guide to the city, as well as a convenient hotel search is a perfect set of applications that will allow you to plan your trip without problems, save time, money and nerves.

Well, check out the following top 6 mobile applications, which will be the greatest navigating, money-saving and searching tools during your trip… is perhaps the most essential app for car travelers, because it helps to find a car wherever you are. In fact, works in all the major locations throughout the world providing short-term and long-term car rental at affordable rates.

With you can rent cars of different groups – SUVs, economy, mini, standard, premium, sports, and for different purposes, whether it’s leisure/business trip, sightseeing or even wedding.

Bling bling

The app allows to easily find car rental vehicle in any desired destination through a convenient search form. Additional information about the chosen location or specific car rental dealer is also provided.

Searching for all possible deals for the specific location and date, helps to compare the rates and car rental conditions in order to get the best deal. 


If you travel almost with no money, but you need to get to another city by car, then BlaBlaCar will easily solve this problem. After all, the application allows searching for fellow travelers ready to bring passengers along their route. In order to find the driver you should only specify the place of departure and the required destination, and the application will find suitable options immediately.


BlaBlaCar app makes it possible to choose a travel companion by such parameters as the price of the trip, the model of the car, the possibility of carrying animals, listening to music, smoking and even the talkativeness of the driver. At the same time, drivers can search for passengers by route, price, and trip conditions. After someone books a trip, the application sends a notification from potential fellow traveler.

Each driver can put a rating and leave a comment about it. Subsequently, this information of the car owner will help future passengers to make the right choice.


Airbnb is a valuable application for free independent travelers. It provides a great variety of useful options and allows people to find suitable and money-saving lodging throughout the world. The application boasts of 2.5 million homes in more than 190 countries. You can also add different events to the route if you are interested in something else. The application had difficulties in its work, and sometimes occasional problems arise. However, this is an excellent way to find cheap accommodation, new friends and get breathtaking emotions during your car trip.



Waze service is a map edited by the users themselves. A mobile application allows you to describe the real-time situation on the roads. If there was a traffic jam, an accident occurred, or traffic police appeared, then you can notify other drivers about it by setting a mark on the map with a comment. In addition, the service helps in planning the fastest and most suitable route, taking into consideration various factors.


Waze has spawned its own mini subculture. The users of the application are called “wazers”, and application developers maintain a blog, where they tell about updates and new features. Each “wazer” gets points for activity in forming maps and helping other drivers, increasing own rating.


The fans of night traveling will appreciate handy Hudway application, specifically designed to work in the dark or in poor visibility. The program projects an image from the smartphone’s screen to the windshield and tells the driver the speed of movement, as well as the direction and steepness of the future turn.

Come consultare lo smartphone senza distrarsi dalla guida grazie a Hudway Glass

Like traditional navigators, Hudway features a voice warning, which notifies the driver not only about intersections and junctions, but also about dangerous road bends.

In this case, Internet is needed only for the creation of the route, after which the connection for the program is not necessary. The route can also be recorded for repeat trips, which is convenient when traveling out of city.

If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can use offline maps. The application uses pre-loaded map and GPS packages for navigation, and also boasts of extensive map information. The application is so large that it officially covers 345 countries and islands. At the same time, there are officially 197 countries in the world.

On the bridge

The maps of the application show such points as ATMs, restaurants, cafes, monuments, arches, benches and many other small things that may prove to be important for the traveler. has a convenient interface and allows you to create your own routes. Among the other pleasant features are auto rotation of the map, which follows the direction of movement, and high speed of the application itself.

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