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Basic Rules When Using Keywords

Basic Rules When Using Keywords

Keywords are greatly essential in any SEO project and we need to focus on them to get good results. However, there are times when we treat keywords inappropriately, causing us to obtain less than ideal results. You should be aware of things that you need to do with your keywords. There are basic rules that you need to consider. As an example, you should place the most essential keywords inside the domain name. Google and your audience will know what your website is all about by reading the domain name. As an example, you could be a producer of industrial machines and you need to include these keywords in your URL. However, it is advisable to simply put the name of your company, because having strong brand recognition is important in online situations.

Google no longer considers metatags as a factor in determining the position of your rank. However, you should still put your keywords in the metatags, because it will tell Google about the main topics of your website. It means that you can increase the relevance of your website. Keyword density is also essential in your SEO effort. Keywords with the highest density in your content usually have the highest degree of importance. However, it is important to avoid overusing keywords in your pages. There’s no clear boundary, but the frequency of your primary keyword shouldn’t exceed 6 percent. If you go higher than that, it is possible that your website will be considered as being spammy and you will not gain the necessary benefits.

Keywords should also be placed at the anchor tags, because they define the relevance of a link. This applies for both internal and external link. This will tell Google about what the link is all about. You should also put keywords in the headings, specifically inside the <H> tags inside the HTML codes. Again, this will tell search engine bots about the main topic of your website. So, your website will be ranked based on those keywords that you place in the heading. You should try to ensure that your website can be made as relevant as possible. You should make sure that everything is well optimized for specific keywords and keyphrases. You should also consider adding geographical locations or other details to your primary keywords. Not only your keywords will become more targeted, but you will also face less competition.

It is also a good idea to choose words that have the same root with your primary keywords. As an example, searcher, searches and searching, come from the same word, search. It is a good thing if the search engine is able to display all the available related keywords. Another thing to do is to use synonym for your keywords. You can make sure that your website will become more relevant to any topic in the industry and this is an entirely good thing. You should always try to improve your website in the best possible way.

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