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The Future Of Our Marketplace

The Future Of Our Marketplace

How do you shop your daily needs? Do you still go to nearby groceries or do you prefer to shop online? Since mobile devices are becoming popular, our economic activities are shifted little by little. We used to go to the groceries, just before smartphone starts to take over the market. What can we say about technology? As we live in the modern era, we want everything simple. We want to be provided in the fastest way it could be. As the appearance of Amazon and Alibaba, it opens up more possibilities for the more similar concept in the future. Everything fast and simple, that is the future of our marketplace.

The concept like online stores has put bargaining price into an end. When buyer and seller meet face to face, the chance of bargaining the price is very high. Some may end up well at the buyer’s side, but how about the sellers? Sometimes they are pushed to lower the profit margin beyond acceptable numbers. But what could they say? A disappointed customer might be a bad review for the store. Different with online stores, buyers could look up all the goods they want, and see for themselves the cheapest price they can find.

Items sold online will have a significant price difference with the one sold in stores. This is because selling goods online have a different cost than running a store. You don’t have to hire shop assistant or spend too much electricity for running the store. Basically, they have very low operational cost and very effective sales. They could help repeat customers to get the latest information about promotional sales and event. This way the store could induce sales every time they broadcast the news. The bigger player like Alibaba and Amazon even have their own warehouse and almost all of the operations are done with robots. In the near future, groceries could be done just by the touch of a hand at our home. Payments could be done online and the goods we bought will be brought to our doorstep.

The technology has brought us a new dimension of the marketplace. Soon the trend will become the common thing to do. If you are thinking about expanding your business, t is better to consider of opening up an online shop soon since the trend has set. By taking steps in much earlier than the others you would have the trust and experience benefits. Welcome to the future of our marketplace.

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